Sunday, 11 May 2008

The truth behind the screen

Trailing the internet one lonely night,
Just by chance he found a site,
“Find the woman of your dreams“,
It stated it was guaranteed.
Out of curiosity he took a look,
A few weeks later, he was completely hooked,
When a photo appeared upon his screen,
He felt he’d found the woman of his dreams.
Exchanging e-mails, for hours each day,
Never running out of words to say,
Completely smitten, his mind in a whirl,
He now was sure he loved this girl.
E-mailing a message that he wanted to meet,
Telling her she had bowled him off his feet,
Waiting a response his heart beating fast,
Could she possibly give him a chance?
A ping in his inbox, she had answered so quick,
Stating she was willing to meet for a drink,
Thanking God he had learnt to drive a car,
For the distance between them was very far.
A few seconds later another e-mail she sends,
Worryingly She feels that she needs to repent,
For the picture that she had put on the screen,
Wasn’t exactly how it seemed…
Unsure of what she truly meant,
She explained that the photo was a few years spent,
By this he was taken all the way back,
He needed to get his thoughts on track.
She went on to admit she had twisted the truth,
And if they met he would see the proof,
So now she wanted to wipe the slate clean,
Before he met the “woman of his dreams.”
She started to confess all of her lies,
He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,
The biggest clanger that she dropped,
Hit him full pelt like an electrical shock.
She had told him that she was twenty four,
But reality made him hit the floor,
Now revealing that she’s sixty one,
An age old enough to be his mum.
Telling her sternly he’s not impressed,
He deletes her e-mail name and address,
Realising that he’s had a close call,
He feels like a complete and utter fool.
A good thing that his mates aren’t around,
For sure he would never have lived it down!


nefariousoutlook said...

nicely articulated!!

yes i guess internet does allow for such instances to occur..and yes many a times friends do play a prank ;)

Janice Thomson said...

This had a good message Stacey. Young kids get caught up all too often in some of the nefarious ways of the internet. This one was lucky he learned his lesson without any damage being done. Excellent poem.

polona said...

ah, the pitfalls of on-line dating!
this is well written and addresses an acute problem.
enjoyed it, stacey.

Rex Cox said...

I like your poem, it's what I always thought about chat rooms to my two poems- the first one was make up, and the second has just a slight bit of truth- for being a southerner, we often have a habit of seeing things, and naming them- though I believe this comes from our British heritage...for I have been into an office to pay a bill, and there sits a woman eating her lunch...often a cheeseburger- and stuff like that pops into my head. And being thin and pale I have had them to ask- doesn't anyone ever feed you? The mother instinct I wife when we first met as teenagers some time ago, I would say- even asked me something similar.

Le Hornet said...

you know too much about men... thats funny, men have too much pride.

thats happen to a few men before.

i'm assuming someones told you about this situation?

wo-manipulation i like that they do that in crazy ways. how? i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever know.


Double "D" said...

O Stacey, an interesting subject this.
How many messages underlie the truth.
The lady, if she were a lady broke down
and said the truth. The young man if he
were a man....didn't wait and went on the
lamb. Too bad for him, you never know
what truth lies at the end of the line.

I know....stick to painting bumbling fool.

Dan said...

Very cute story, Stacey. Reminds me of the song, "I'm much cooler on line", by Brad Paisley I think.

Kunjubi said...

Hilarous...Cynical,...Day to day incidents in the internet.True to the hilt..To be forewarned is fore armed.Well written..congrats..... kunjubi.

S.Ghosh said...

so very contemporary issue in your poem ...i loved the rhythm of your words

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh my dear poet-nerd, You are so creative ... I have to catch my breath ... before getting into this new creation of Your.
Back later!!!

(( Love ))

ANNA-LYS said...

Ha ha ha ha ha
:-D :-D :-D :-D

THIS is real life nowadays!!!!

Ohhh You are incredible Stacey!!!

Ha ha ha ha

ozymandiaz said...

truth be told, she revealed the lies
compelled by her nightly, lonely cries
they had all begun innocent enough
till she learned that the market is rough
so much youth was playing the field
that for an old woman no one would yeild
as her age fell backwards and her ass grew taught
she began yearning the attention she got
so before she knew it she was young once again
but only online
and only in pretend

Billy The Blogging Poet said...

Makes me glad I didn't have the Internet in my youth.

jyotsana said...

this was an unusual thing to write a poem on. and it was so interesting that i read it to the last word.internet does allow a lot of nefariousness...and yes i feel for the woman too....she must have been quite lonely...poor resort to this.

Sunny Daffodil. said...

Nice poem..Loved the thought process behind the write-up...Very original..

Stacey said...

Thanks Nefariousoutlook, pleased you liked it :-)

Janice thanks, and unfortunately some do get caught up in certain situations ;-)

Hi Polona, thank you, glad that you enjoyed :-D

Thanks a lot Rex, is she feeding you up?...with lots of cheeseburgers (LOL) ;-D

Thanks Mr Hornet, but I am still wondering....where is my 5th * (star) ;-D

Thanks Doug, I think you have picked up that the poet spinner enjoys writing poetry about absolutely ANYTHING.
And a bumbling fool you most certainly are not!!! :-D

Hi Dan, thank you really glad you enjoyed :-)

kunjubi, thank you, glad I made you laugh :-)

Thanks s.ghosh, pleased you like the poem and rhythm :-)

Why thank you Swenglish Anna-Lys, for your lovely compliments (blush,blush), the poet nerd is very pleased {:-D

(LOL)oh very good Ozy...this really made me laugh ;-D

Hmmm Billy, do you think you would have gotten yourself into a little bit of trouble then?? (lol) ;-D

Jyotsana, thank you for visiting my blog.. though this is not a personal experience..thank goodness(LOL), I do enjoy writing poetry about ANYTHING especially "unusual" subjects ;-D

Thank you Sunny Daffodil. for visiting my blog..glad you liked the poem, I like to write poetry a little bit differently ;-D

Rex Cox said...

Thanks Stacey for your comment on my two poems...I watched the video of Johnny Cash sing "Hurt" on You Tube, and how I got what I wrote out of such a sad song I'm not sure, but it make you laugh...I'm glad you liked the second one too- so thanks again.

goatman said...

Sounds like a shallow fellow to me.
He must have liked something besides her age?

Kuan Gung said...

Very clever Stacey, and yet so very true...I see these pictures all over. This place can indeed be a strange world...nice post!

Stacey said...

Hi Rex, you are more than welcome ;-D

Goatman thank you very much :-D

Thanks Kuan Gung, very glad you liked it :-)

Vartika said...

:)) Lol
That was neat! Hey your compositions are pretty cool! Keep’em coming!

Stacey said...

Vartika, thank you for coming over to my blog. Glad that you enjoy them :-D

Aleta said...

The Internet is a blessing and a curse. It allows us to meet people, but at the same token, people are people and that means some will use the Internet with ill intent or abuse the truth.

I was fortunate to have met my boyfriend via a dating site and we've been together for 2 years. There's hope still for the honest folks out there, if you're lucky enough to meet them!

Good people and excellent message!

Stacey said...

Hi Aleta...
Absolutely true, some people do use the internet for wrong purposes, but on the flip side, like you have shown, the internet can be a positive thing.
Thank you very mush for visitng my blog ;-D

Mark Elliot said...

Hi Stacey, searching poetry blogs and tiring of the bland and ho-hum, saw your statement of how you write and I said to myself "self this should be interesting". I was amazed at how similar our writings are. When I have time I will have to post one. Thanks for the refreshments.

Mark Elliot said...

as promised,just wrote it,

In an Instant

Thousands of miles away
immediately in her breakfast nook
caressing of a mouse was all it took.

Lain back in my broken chair
probably from always sitting there.
I could now see through her window bare.

Old English style furniture
organized so quaintly
appeared at first to be quite saintly.

Never thought at first glance
while reading her blog she might be from France.
no accent discernible though her words did romance.

Quite surprised I was to see my poetry
read by another so enchantingly posed.
Her own words for sure yet my style of prose.

I wrote this down the moment I signed off
capturing the vision as a participant
everything in the world now is in an instant.

Stacey said...

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your comments, and really appriciated your compliments, its good to know that there are other people who write poetry like I do, as I have not come across any one else with our kind of style ;) though I have come across some that are appalled that I dare call myself a poet....but hey I dont care "I AM A POET" LOL ;D.
Have a look at my poem "what? you dont use metaphors", and you'll see what I mean LOL.
Absolutely loved your poem, and would really love to read more of your work...but.....tried to click on to your name and can not seem to find your blog, have you got one?

Here is a little poem coming right back for you Mark.......

Checking my blog on a chilly night,
Mark Elliot's comments came to sight,
He left me a poem that I truly liked.
Completely intrigued at how he writes.

Clicking onto his name to search his site,
But nothing came up,had I clicked it right?
Could I get to read more,this I might,
If only I could find his personal site. ;D

Mark Elliot said...

LOL, that was good!!! this is going to turn into a tag team effort. It's like looking into a mirror of poetry. I'm just getting into blogging so I haven't created one yet but it is at the top of my list. I was interviewed on there are a couple of samples there from my book. It has a variety of poems in an attempt to make it a wide appeal. In fact one listed "Open To Interpretation" was written because of how people try to classify poets (put them in a box) but people like us are creating not stagnating.

Mark Elliot said...

One of my favorites! "In The News! It's in the news but is it something you can use? Will you accept the printed page as gospel truths? Sensationalized then hypnotized they're making us fools. Overly critical and overtly political is what you peruse. Never do they offer their personals to be put in the news. Oh they've been caught occasionally by snooping camera crews. But it's anonymity baby this time they choose. Somehow your exact quote is what they lose. Making the headlines while giving you the blues. Yet we yearn for the heroics of sports cause we can't fill the shoes. The criminal mind we can't excuse. White collar crime while making a dime often times manufactures a bruise. Nestled neatly in between are cartoons movies and zoos. Yes it's in the news and soon to be refuse. That is until it's found on a counter or draped over a stall in a restroom. Be careful what you say and do, don't drop clues. Or you could find yourself "In The News"! Publish America 2008

Stacey said...

I will definately be popping over to look at your interview, and read some of your poetry.
And if "In the news" is anything to go by,then I am going to enjoy your poetry :D

*I had to come straight back to you with a little mess around with words....... it's not to be taken seriously, I often have little jokey poetry exchanges, which I think you have gathered by now from the above one LOL.....enjoy* ;D

Televisions constantly scream the headlines of the day,
Pick up a newspaper it reads in exactly the same way,
Some of the topics causing people to be aware,
Others a sence of laughter, with no reason to care,
Whether it's fact or fiction, its judge is the reader,
But one thing's for certain, the news is always the leader.

Mark Elliot said...

Excellent reply!!! I bet you can relate to this poem? "New Poets on The Block" New poets on the block, creative juices are flowing ideas just won't stop. With words my mind is filling, now overflowing and constantly spilling. Started this new found passion can't control, images steadily pouring from my soul. Just as I put down my writing pen, i'm picking it right back up again. Not sure it's a blessing or a curse, concentration on anything else has gotten worse. Thinking this must affect all artist the same, can't be good this early in the game. Gripped by a strong hand of conviction, obscure is the line that separates addiction. Numerous thoughts must have been suppressed, now escaping like convicts under duress. Finally putting words to paper was all it took, gave life to the idea of writing a book. Acknowledging how wonderfully we are made, by sharing these thoughts on a printed page. Appreciative of this awesome sensation, your enjoyment being the sole motivation.

Stacey said...

Hi Mark,
Brilliant poem, and yes I so can relate to it ;D

Now for my quick version........

Unspoken words, peircing the mind,
Random thoughts put into lines,
Fingers blindly work with ease,
Tapping vigourously upon the keys.

Computer screen flashes words,
A silent voice that can't be heard,
But when its read loud and clear,
A poem emerges for all to hear.

Imagination, just let it go,
Dont hold back, it needs to flow,
Adrenelin pumped, now you're hooked,
Just a few words is all it took.