Saturday, 29 March 2008

If only......

Police cordons off the end of the road,
Ambulance parked ready to go,
Firemen poised with hoses in hand,
Neighbours filling their watering cans.

With baited breath they stood for hours,
Black clouds of smoke, withering flowers.
Eyes fixed firmly towards the door,
Wondering if he’ll appear at all.

Finally he stumbles into the crowds,
Slightly dishevelled, and making no sound,
He looks in shock, he needs to rest
Sipping a drink is thought what’s best.

Firemen enter through the back gate,
With caution and care they hesitate,
The sight that meets them comes as a shock,
Backing up slowly, not wanting to stop.

For all the years they attended this street,
Destruction and mayhem is what used to greet,
Trees and fences blackened to ash,
Neighbours panicking, and needing to dash.

This time, devastation is not on the list,
Nothing in danger or burnt to a crisp,
Finally he’s done it, the first time in years,
All around him break out in big cheers.

Sausages and burgers are sizzling well,
The barbeque aroma is all that you smell,
First time in years he’s managed to cook,
Reading the manual is all that it took!!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

A woman's treasure

Sitting in comfort, sipping her tea,
Manicured hands resting on her knee.
General conversation we pass between,
When payback time is all I dream…

Nodding and smiling with pretence in mind,
The trap was set, it was nearly time,
Making excuses I grab for the phone,
Needing to leave her completely alone.

Stood in the kitchen with ear to the door,
Rustling sounds as she searches my drawers.
Holding my breath, my heart beating fast,
She lets out a scream, I cant help but laugh.

The thief was caught, though it took some time,
For weeks she stole what was rightfully mine,
A lesson that she needed to be taught,
Was brought on by her - she was solely at fault.

The mouse trap I found in the D.I.Y store,
Came in handy to place in the drawer,
Put just inches within her reach,
Enough to make her jump off her feet.

The secret stash of my chocolate treats,
Had been going missing for many weeks,
Now I’m sure they’re safe and sound,
Anywhere I choose to put them down!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

His Special World

Hurt and anger that comes from inside,
Frustration confusion that can’t subside,
Trying to comfort but pushed away
A blank look upon his face.

Our world is so different within his eyes,
Words that are spoken not recognised
People around him are pushed away,
Being alone is part of his day.

Senses much stronger than yours and mine,
From a touch in his hand to hearing a noise.
A taste on his tongue and different smells
Just adds confusion within his world.

Beautiful, big tearless eyes,
Emotionless actions are no surprise,
Obsessional rituals are what keep him safe,
Doing them over and over again…………..

Friday, 7 March 2008

Friends are for life

Reach out and take my hand,
Let me show you I understand,
I’ll help you through troubled times,
Show you that I’m by your side,
When you're angry I’ll allow you to shout,
Or even when silent I can listen out.
And if you're hurting or need to cry
Use my shoulder and tell me why.
Have faith in me and learn to trust,
As a friend this is a must.
Through thick and thin I’ll stick with you
As I know that you will too.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Endless Road

However did this happen?
What reason could you give?
For this kind of dreadful life
Now you have to live.

Where have all your family gone?
With security of a home,
Instead you’re living in solitary,
No place to call your own.

Does anyone ever miss you?
Wonder how you are?
Perhaps it’s something you’ve done
To make them go so far.

All your hours are taken
Walking through the streets,
Trying to find a warm place
That’s safe for you to sleep.

And when those hunger pains
Start to take effect,
You plead with passers by for help
With the utmost of respect.

How long will these streets
Be classed as your abode?
I’m sure you’ve asked this question
But the answer never shows....