Monday, 28 January 2008

Macho Man

Roses and chocolates
Diamonds that gleam
Is every girls wish
For a valentine dream

She may deny this
And say it's not true
But part of this
Depends on you

A big "macho man"
Your friends all say
Football and rugby
Is more your game

So she will keep quiet
And not rock the boat
For fear that she may
Make you choke

This wont stop her wishing
Of what could be
Hoping that one day
She lives out her dreams

Prince charming and his white horse
Is not what she needs
Showing your feelings
Is more guaranteed

If you truly love her
And know she's meant to be
Why not take the plunge
And get down on one knee?

Friday, 25 January 2008


A gasp in her breath
Chill in her spine

That anxious feeling
Is over a nine

Her eyes are darting
Body starts to jolt

Those mental rituals
It's hard to cope

The involuntary urges
She has to give in

Her mind control
Always wins

Will people notice
Stop and stare

Or carry on as normal
Hopefully not care

Little soldier

Angry and shouting,
Challening moods

Frustrated feelings
Come out the blue.

Where can he look?
How can he hide?

People around him
There's too much noise.

He grabs my hand tighter
With fear in his eyes,

But can't explain
The reasons why,

"I want to go home"
He pleads and he cries,

A daily routine
In this poor boy's life.

Parent's wish

A parent's wish is for them to see
Their childrens' lives happy and trouble free.
To grow into adults and live out their dreams
And see what the future is meant to be.

When the time's right and they fly the nest,
Their first child laid upon their chest
They will gaze into their baby's eyes
And think their parent's words were wise.