Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Stolen Heart

She was taken aback that was for sure,
Never expecting to see him anymore,
Years had passed since that very last night,
When his true persona had come to light.
Recognising him instantly, he hadn’t changed,
Just a few greying hairs were a sign he had aged,
Now they were seated several tables apart,
He hadn’t seen her, if he had he’d depart.

Discreetly looking, she couldn’t budge,
For many years she had held a grudge,
She tried to pretend his memory was dead,
Or at least push it deep within her head,
He had run away to make a new start,
But seeing him now had enraged her heart,
All those answers he had never given,
Made her angry, her soul now driven.

She had never got over the hurt he had caused,
Unable to move on, her life was on pause,
He had won her over right from the start,
Reaching in to her chest, stealing her heart.
A whirlwind romance married within weeks,
Cracks started appearing, answers she did seek,
Finding out their marriage was just a sham,
He turned and walked, not acting like a man.

A warrant had been issued for his arrest,
He‘d broken the law so this was best ,
But where did he live? No one could trace,
Disappearing for years, no sign of his face,
She knew this time would come her way,
He’d get his comeuppance, and have to pay,
She called the police, with his whereabouts,
Now Justice would prevail, this is no doubt.

She had married a bigamist, she felt such a fool,
Never divorcing, he had five wives in all,
Treating her and the others like pieces of dirt,
He showed no remorse to the women he hurt.
She had found it difficult to trust other men,
For fear that history would repeat again,
He’d stolen her heart and ripped it apart,
But today is the day, her life will restart.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Game over

A cheerful “hello” as she enters the room,
Within the atmosphere she senses gloom,
He had been this way for the past few days,
It looks like today will be the same way.

Trying a gentle approach to get him out of bed,
Nothing seemed to work, no matter what she said,
Sulking and pouting and refusing to talk,
With his stupid attitude she wanted to walk.

Positioning herself on the edge of the bed,
Tenderly, she starts to stroke his head,
With a heavy sigh, she hears him groan,
“Just go away and leave me alone.”

Ignoring his tone, soothingly she says:
“Aw come on babe, don’t be this way”
Again he snaps, with a cut-throat remark,
Her temper now rising she starts to feel narked.

Through gritted teeth, he starts to scream:
“My dreams have gone, and you’re being mean!”
His melodramatic actions and words to match,
She can hardly believe what her ears do catch.

Her voice has risen, her anger’s now wild,
Shouting at him: “you’re behaving like a child”
Trembling lips, and tears in his eyes,
She cannot believe he’s started to cry.

“Don’t you understand? My life is a mess!”
He blubbers in a tissue, thoroughly distressed,
She bursts into fits of uncontrollable laughter,
The look on his face makes him look even dafter.

“This is your last warning, now get out of bed!”
Swearing he’ll find that they’re no longer wed,
He sobs into a tissue, and continues to whine,
“That’s it” she said “you’re crossing the line…….”

His arms now folded, he looks at her with a frown,
She can’t believe her husband’s acting a clown,
The glass of water that’s sitting on the stand,
Is promptly thrown in the direction of her childish man.

Her husband’s tantrum was over a football match,
The goalie proved useless, he was unable to catch,
If ever his team loses, a child appears, it seems.
He’s now banned from watching his favourite football team!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

A time never forgotten

Not used to the attention, as she bathed by the pool,
This waiter fussing around her, he gave it his all,
Completely fixated, around her he lurked,
His flirtatious glances, started to work.

She had needed a holiday, so off she had flown,
This destination perfect, for travelling alone,
Many beautiful beaches the sun’s guaranteed,
Sights that will make anyone go weak at the knees.

A different country and she’s treated like a queen,
Made to feel beautiful, something she’s dreamed,
Her marriage now over, the divorce finalised,
She’s starting another chapter, within her new life.

The barrier of not sharing each other’s language,
It proved not a problem, it caused no anguish,
For all the eye contact that they did exchange,
Was enough for their feelings to be explained.

Taking moonlit walks as they strolled in the sand,
She was led by this young man holding her hand,
He taught her the beauty of a holiday romance,
Something she certainly couldn’t have planned.

As a mature woman she has all the tools,
She knows it’s not love, she’s nobody’s fool,
No emotion involved it was just a fling,
A naughty secret she’ll always hold within.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Caught in a trap

Perched on the stool, sipping her drink,
Catching his eye, she’s sure that he winked,
She smiles seductively towards his way,
Will today be the day he becomes her prey?

His every movement she’d watched for weeks,
Charismatic ways, women fell at his feet,
With the gift of the gab he can work a crowd,
That twinkle in his eye shows that he’s proud.

Within a few moments, he’s standing by her side,
Holding the most expensive bottle of wine,
Clinking their glasses he makes a toast,
But she’s not stupid she knows its just a boast.

Revealing he’s not married and hasn’t any kids
He holds up his left hand, says he wouldn’t fib,
No wedding ring is seen his words she can’t believe,
But still she stays seated, no attempt to get up and leave.

Fending of his advances, as he leans in for the kill,
Showing it's pretty obvious he’s in it for the thrill,
Next he makes an offer, causing her to blush,
Standing up to leave, she tells him she’s in a rush.

Now she has the evidence she’ll deliver it with the bill,
And when her client see it, she’ll know that it's for real,
This wife’s instincts that her husband was doing wrong,
Months of infidelity, had gone on for far too long.

They book her as a “honey trap” to catch their partners out,
For some it's money well spent, this she’s in no doubt,
Though she gets excitement from the job she’s paid to do,
She also feels much sadness, being the bearer of bad news.