Sunday, 8 June 2008

Caught in a trap

Perched on the stool, sipping her drink,
Catching his eye, she’s sure that he winked,
She smiles seductively towards his way,
Will today be the day he becomes her prey?

His every movement she’d watched for weeks,
Charismatic ways, women fell at his feet,
With the gift of the gab he can work a crowd,
That twinkle in his eye shows that he’s proud.

Within a few moments, he’s standing by her side,
Holding the most expensive bottle of wine,
Clinking their glasses he makes a toast,
But she’s not stupid she knows its just a boast.

Revealing he’s not married and hasn’t any kids
He holds up his left hand, says he wouldn’t fib,
No wedding ring is seen his words she can’t believe,
But still she stays seated, no attempt to get up and leave.

Fending of his advances, as he leans in for the kill,
Showing it's pretty obvious he’s in it for the thrill,
Next he makes an offer, causing her to blush,
Standing up to leave, she tells him she’s in a rush.

Now she has the evidence she’ll deliver it with the bill,
And when her client see it, she’ll know that it's for real,
This wife’s instincts that her husband was doing wrong,
Months of infidelity, had gone on for far too long.

They book her as a “honey trap” to catch their partners out,
For some it's money well spent, this she’s in no doubt,
Though she gets excitement from the job she’s paid to do,
She also feels much sadness, being the bearer of bad news.


polona said...

definitely not a job i would want to do - ever!

Anonymous said...

Ah this is brilliant! I've heard of these 'honey traps' where a partner sets up a private detective to catch their spouse cheating!
You have a wonderful way of writing poetry and telling a story at the same time.

Double "D" said...

Unfortunately, this describes a lot of married men.
Certainly not all but enough. They are driven
by there "ahems" and run around with there
tongues hanging out. Fools, fools and more
fools. Get a clue guys! This could happen to
Nice one Stacey, well written, you must be
very observant to write on all these subjects.
I think you do a great service here, WARNING,

rch said...

Hi Stacey, sorry I haven't been by much but life is crazy. I really enjoyed this one a lot. I didn't know things like that went on but it doesn't surprise me. If they're cheating they deserve it! Take care,


K.C. said...

OH, wow,didn't see that one coming. I am so niave. Haven't heard of these. Maybe I should try this? He he... in my search for what to do...

I'm kidding of course... Thanks again for your comments. I especially liked what you said about my close friends and family. I was wondering how I felt about that. Since I am sure that we will overcome this, I would rather tell them..if I even do ever tell them.. once we have gotten through it all. If I do now, everyone will surely want to jump all over us with advice and those sly glances that I will either think they are giving us or am sure that they are giving us, you know?

Either way, I would rather go through all of this our way. This is all new to us. The ups and downs of it. So, it will be exciting to see what happens with it all... KC

Eric Valentine said...

You have such a way of weaving a story with your words. Another good one Stacey, sadly the cheating goes on all the time..... Good poem.. :)

Lyric4Verse said...

Nice one Stacey, I've heard of this- I also find the term "honey trap" very intriguing- a term to inspire interest, but also fear.

Anonymous said...

You craft the real life incidents and situations so beautifully into poetry in words...the writing is simply amazing...nice one & have a wonderful time!

Unknown said...


you are fantastic!!!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?

K.C. said...

Thanks for the birthday wish on my, um, 21st birthday! :)

Amazingly, I have not been able to get your poem out of my head. I swear I have thought about this so much... very, very well written and though provoking...

Sam!! said...

Brilliant piece of writing..

God bless you dear!

Anonymous said...

Quite the story... but the best fiction is always based in reality.

Anonymous said...

Confuseus sez, That why Confuseus have groopies, not wife.

Stacey said...

Thanks Polona,I completely agree with you ;-D

Fern thank you for your visit and for your lovely compliments :)

Hi Doug,the poet spinner is chuffed with your compliment thank you..
Indeed some are fools, if only they put their brain in gear and not their "ahems", then problem solved (LOL).. ;-D

Hi Bob, how are you? hope you're well!!
I never knew these "honey traps" exsisted either, until I saw a programme about it.And felt the urge to write about it (LOL) ;-D

(LOL) K.C, thank you,
You are so welcome, and remember, if you have the determination you can overcome anything ;-)

Eric, thank you for you compliment. I am glad that you enjoy my poems, and your so right, cheating does go on far too often.... :-)

Hi Rex, "honey trap", hmmmmm, I think the latter...FEAR, suits this word better, especially for those naughty ones that are cheating (LOL) ;-D

Hi Kalyan, thank you very much for your lovely words and compliments... :-D

Rohit, thank you for visiting me and for your comment, please do feel free to link :)

K.C, well its not often your *cough* *cough* 21 is it.. ;-D hope you had a good birthday.
I am really glad that you enjoyed my poem this much, thank you :-D

Thank you Samrina, glad you really liked this poem :-D

Hi Billy, when I heard about these "honey traps", I felt the urge to write a poem.. (LOL) ;-D

(LOL) Confusesus...
Stacey thinks you are a little bit cheeky ;-)....

K.C. said...

You made me laugh out loud when I read your comment on my post. I have to say that even after all this time, that man of mine can make me feel that way. He can still sweep me off my feet. I am extremely lucky that way. Kayce

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks, Stacey.