Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Stolen Heart

She was taken aback that was for sure,
Never expecting to see him anymore,
Years had passed since that very last night,
When his true persona had come to light.
Recognising him instantly, he hadn’t changed,
Just a few greying hairs were a sign he had aged,
Now they were seated several tables apart,
He hadn’t seen her, if he had he’d depart.

Discreetly looking, she couldn’t budge,
For many years she had held a grudge,
She tried to pretend his memory was dead,
Or at least push it deep within her head,
He had run away to make a new start,
But seeing him now had enraged her heart,
All those answers he had never given,
Made her angry, her soul now driven.

She had never got over the hurt he had caused,
Unable to move on, her life was on pause,
He had won her over right from the start,
Reaching in to her chest, stealing her heart.
A whirlwind romance married within weeks,
Cracks started appearing, answers she did seek,
Finding out their marriage was just a sham,
He turned and walked, not acting like a man.

A warrant had been issued for his arrest,
He‘d broken the law so this was best ,
But where did he live? No one could trace,
Disappearing for years, no sign of his face,
She knew this time would come her way,
He’d get his comeuppance, and have to pay,
She called the police, with his whereabouts,
Now Justice would prevail, this is no doubt.

She had married a bigamist, she felt such a fool,
Never divorcing, he had five wives in all,
Treating her and the others like pieces of dirt,
He showed no remorse to the women he hurt.
She had found it difficult to trust other men,
For fear that history would repeat again,
He’d stolen her heart and ripped it apart,
But today is the day, her life will restart.


Double "D" said...

What a hurtful circumstance.
and a heavy piece of writing, well done.
Gosh this one is really heavy Stacey. The
man of course not a man in the true sense of the
word was a beast at best. Your amazing how
you find the true meanings behind these episodes.
Your amazing as always and eloquent to a T.
What else would we expect from a true Poet.

Janice Thomson said...

I can't imagine the horrible shock of finding you are not the only wife of a man. No amount of justice helps remove the pain those five women must have endured.
This also brought to mind Warren Jeffs and polygamy. Much to ponder in this poem Stacey.

Anna said...

Hi there, you emailed me a while ago to tell me you had added my links ... sorry for such a late response, my inbox has been crazy! But thank you for adding and I hope we can interact more in the future!

polona said...

finding out such a thing woud surely be quite a shock but, call me weird if you like, i kind of empathise with the man as well...

once more you have done more than well to present such a controversial subject.

Lyric4Verse said...

This is real nice Stacey- I've never understood the thought processes of a bigamist- when my wife and I got married all I remember is being real nervous, and not sure when I was supposed to say "I do"- so I was saying "I do" to everything that was being asked...sounds made up, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Stacey that was a really well written poem. Well done.
Val from Spain

Aleta said...

God bless the woman for having the strength to call the police when she did see him and giving herself the ability to move forward from there.

How someone can lead double or multiple lives is beyond me. I was married before and he had a mask on, though not the type like in this poem... but just as hurtful. I tend to trust people and I learned how not to trust and then.. to learn how to trust myself.

Eric Valentine said...

Such powerful writing Stacey, a well told story of a too frequent event..

K.C. said...

I just couldn't imagine what the guy had done... I never can with your poems.

I have to sometimes hold my hand over the bottom of the screen, for I am scared that I will read the end and find out too early and ruin it for myself... soooo good!

But, that is not too underestimate the real life pain that some women have to go through...

On another note.. still recovering from my busted hip from trying to dance like "It's my birthday".. Yeah, maybe I'm not really 21... He he.. Kayce

Stacey said...

Doug, the poem spinner is smiling
:-D..with your lovely compliments, I am really pleased that you enjoy my poetry so much..:-)

Thanks Janice, I agree with you, I don't think anyone could imagine finding out their husband has several "wives"...gosh.. ;-)

Hi there Anna, when you left me a comment a while back telling me you had added me as a link to your sites, I took a while to reply to you by email, so now we are even! (LOL).. ;-D

Hi Polona,yes it would be a shock to find this out, I feel a bit sorry for the guy also, as I would have thought one wife is enough for any man (LOL) thank you ;-D

Ah Rex, nerves always get the better of us when we least expect it. Thank you, glad you liked it:-D

Val thank you so much :-)

Thanks Aleta, trust is so important in any relationship, :-D

Eric thank you so much, your compliments are very much appreciated :-D

(LOL) Kayce, so glad that my poems keep you in suspense till the end...keep your hand on the screen, and no peeking till the end (LOL)hmmmmm see Kayce,I think my suspicions are right about you not really being 21...(LOL) ;¬D

Nithin Purple said...

nice stacey!!

Margaret Hall said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E work, Stacey. Your rhyme and meter was fabulous! The story lead the reader directly down the page!