Sunday, 15 June 2008

A time never forgotten

Not used to the attention, as she bathed by the pool,
This waiter fussing around her, he gave it his all,
Completely fixated, around her he lurked,
His flirtatious glances, started to work.

She had needed a holiday, so off she had flown,
This destination perfect, for travelling alone,
Many beautiful beaches the sun’s guaranteed,
Sights that will make anyone go weak at the knees.

A different country and she’s treated like a queen,
Made to feel beautiful, something she’s dreamed,
Her marriage now over, the divorce finalised,
She’s starting another chapter, within her new life.

The barrier of not sharing each other’s language,
It proved not a problem, it caused no anguish,
For all the eye contact that they did exchange,
Was enough for their feelings to be explained.

Taking moonlit walks as they strolled in the sand,
She was led by this young man holding her hand,
He taught her the beauty of a holiday romance,
Something she certainly couldn’t have planned.

As a mature woman she has all the tools,
She knows it’s not love, she’s nobody’s fool,
No emotion involved it was just a fling,
A naughty secret she’ll always hold within.


Double "D" said...

A Time Never Forgotten, ummmmmm.
This is very well done Stacey and I mean that
sincerely. From a naughty side I think everyone should have some sort of memory like that. In her
case, it felt naughty to her but yet she hurt no one.
It leaves her with something she can fantasize about
during quiet moments. She deserves it.
At least that what i read from this.
Humbly Doug

Sapna Anu B.George said...

wow.........Stacy, that's a story in itself, wow, really amazing

Aleta said...

You made the reader feel as if a book of life was open to read about a stranger and then feel at home with a secret. Thoroughly enjoyed!

polona said...

clever woman!
and this is another wonderfully spun story in verse.

Dan said...

Very cute as always. Reminds me of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

Sayani said...

wow !!!thats so romantic and fantastic narration ....loved it

keep well

cyclopseven said...

Well its indeed a holiday worth remembered and cherished, secretly.

Lyric4Verse said...

Nice Stacey- is the setting France, Italy, Greece...I get the impression she's somewhere on the shores of the Mediterranean.

K.C. said...

Just to have that one time. Just that one time. This was so well written.

You could see her sitting there. Taking in the feeling of being watched and admired. Not having had that for so long.

Then being admired for what she was. A beautiful woman. It would be something that she could take home with her. It would be something that would give her confidence for years and years to come.

So well written... I will be thinking of this for a long time to come. And wow, if we, as husbands and wives could give this kind of confidence to one another every day... Kayce

Sam!! said...

Impressive piece of writing...

God bless you dear:)

Janice Thomson said...

Apparently that happens quite often in some places especially with older women. Well written piece Stacey.

Eric Valentine said...

A very entertaining well written piece Stacey, enjoyed it very much.. :)

Stacey said...

The poet spinner thanks you so much Doug, and I agree with you, that everyone should have some memory like this, so they can occasionaly think back to it, and have a "naughty" little smile (LOL) ;-D

Thank you Sapna, really glad you enjoyed :-)

Hi Aleta, it's like reading a little book of secrets..that gets the reader wanting to know more of her "naughty" secrets (LOL) thank you very much ;-D

Polona thank you, she is a clever girl, isn't she...good for her I say (LOL) ;-D

Hi Dan, ah yes "what happens in vegas stays in vegas", maybe I should have used this as the title!
thank you ;)

Sayani, thanks, everyone should have a little bit of romance in their life, don't you think ;)

Hi Cyclopseven, I don't think she will forget this one, do you ?? (LOL) :)

Thanks Rex,I think the story is perfect for anywhere in the Mediterranean, :¬)

Hi Kayce..every one should be given the confidence to believe in themselves...I am really happy that it is so thought provoking for you :>

Hi Sam, thank you glad you liked it, take care :)

Janice, glad to see you're back, hope you're feeling better, i am chuffed that you enjoyed it ;-D

Thank you very much Eric, glad it entertained you.. :-)

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks for the comment Stacey.

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks for the extra comment about the lime trees know I've never actually seen a real lime tree except in books- which doesn't have anything to do with anything, it's just that it's 11:29 PM in America, in the South where I'm at, and it's raining and it's hot...Southern weather you know....

K.C. said...

Loved the comments you left for me Stacey. You do inspire me. I do want to write at this time and it is so wonderful that so many other do as well.

It is unbelievable to be in a place where so many writing styles are going on at the same time and everyone is supporting one another and their need to do so.

Thanks again... Kayce

Le Hornet said...

thats a dream like memory but is it someones reality ;-)

i have many time i will never forget man they were good... anyways great poem xhornetx


What a total slapper. Comes to mind, but on second thoughts the woman in question has got her 'groove' back so why not celebrate that. Stacey this isn't a autobiographical poem is it? The woman is you?! Effortless once again, can't wait for the next.

Stacey said...

Hi Rex, you're welcome!
I have never seen a lime tree either!!and as for hot weather...well its summer here and surprise surprise its raining...good old English weather (LOL) ;D

Hi Kayce, you are so welcome.... It's good to know that I inspire you, thank you :-D

Hi Mr Hornet,
Nice to see you back!!!!
I think a lot of people will have this dream like memory,don't you!
Make sure you keep your many memories close to your heart ;-), Oh and don't FORGET my 5th star * (LOL) :-D

Hi Radicalboulevard...
No this poem is not based on me, its all fiction, though I think a lot of people will be able to read it and remember a few secret memories and be able to smile ;-)
I agree with your second was a time for her to celebrate!!! glad you enjoyed it.. :-D

jyotsana said...

ah this is life stacey...we need some artificial gems if we dont hve the real ones.told wonderfully.

Stacey said...

Jyotsana, (LOL) thank you, glad that you enjoyed this... ;-D

Nithin Purple said...