Sunday, 22 June 2008

Game over

A cheerful “hello” as she enters the room,
Within the atmosphere she senses gloom,
He had been this way for the past few days,
It looks like today will be the same way.

Trying a gentle approach to get him out of bed,
Nothing seemed to work, no matter what she said,
Sulking and pouting and refusing to talk,
With his stupid attitude she wanted to walk.

Positioning herself on the edge of the bed,
Tenderly, she starts to stroke his head,
With a heavy sigh, she hears him groan,
“Just go away and leave me alone.”

Ignoring his tone, soothingly she says:
“Aw come on babe, don’t be this way”
Again he snaps, with a cut-throat remark,
Her temper now rising she starts to feel narked.

Through gritted teeth, he starts to scream:
“My dreams have gone, and you’re being mean!”
His melodramatic actions and words to match,
She can hardly believe what her ears do catch.

Her voice has risen, her anger’s now wild,
Shouting at him: “you’re behaving like a child”
Trembling lips, and tears in his eyes,
She cannot believe he’s started to cry.

“Don’t you understand? My life is a mess!”
He blubbers in a tissue, thoroughly distressed,
She bursts into fits of uncontrollable laughter,
The look on his face makes him look even dafter.

“This is your last warning, now get out of bed!”
Swearing he’ll find that they’re no longer wed,
He sobs into a tissue, and continues to whine,
“That’s it” she said “you’re crossing the line…….”

His arms now folded, he looks at her with a frown,
She can’t believe her husband’s acting a clown,
The glass of water that’s sitting on the stand,
Is promptly thrown in the direction of her childish man.

Her husband’s tantrum was over a football match,
The goalie proved useless, he was unable to catch,
If ever his team loses, a child appears, it seems.
He’s now banned from watching his favourite football team!


Double "D" said...

This one took some interesting turns and
switchbacks. Wasn't quite sure where it was
headed. I was thinking something else but
got totally fooled. You are such a trickster.
I love it. Kind of smacks me in the head.

Eric Valentine said...

That's a great twist to a good story Stacey. You have such a talent for that kind of thing. Well done. :)

Lyric4Verse said...

Really, really, good Stacey- this could easily be turned into a Tv skit or sketch...Rex.

K.C. said...

Once again.. caught me off guard.. had NO idea where you were going with this...

But I do have some men in my life that are like this.. a brother for one. Loves that football!

Our whole neighborhood goes into meltdown if their team doesn't win.

Flags are flown at half mast if there is a loss.

So well written...

P.S. Your comments to me..well.. just thank you.. Kayce

polona said...

hahaha, how true, how true! :o)
and with the football campionship going on, so timely!
men are nothing but big boys at heart...

Anonymous said...

your style of writing really interests me have narrated the emotions so well...its really so realistic they are indeed guys like those who are so passionate about so things that they can totally get out of their control...have a wonderful time!

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey.

Janice Thomson said...

What a twist at the end - not at all what I thought it was going to be. Excellent Stacey!

Vartika said...

You're a genius not only with rhyming words and emotions but also with how to put a commonplace experience/occurrence with so much wit!
keep posting!
love your poems!

K.C. said...

I love coming in to check my comments, and there's Stacey...

Isn't it neat how blogging is...

It's almost like going to work, and expecting to see that friend that you are used to seeing each day.. where's Stacey? Oh, there she is... You give me a bit of that friend feeling now...

And with this post, I gotta tell you, I think that maybe I needed it... gonna get in there and spread some Lysol around... lighten up the air a bit.. I got a bit heavy without even meaning to..

I hope I will was a tough, tough day that has weighed on me and when I think about it, well.. you saw...

Hopefully, when I start writing, I will lighten up..

Thanks once again.. Kayce

rch said...

Ha ha don't get me started, I hate when The Raiders lose (which has been a lot lately) but hey it's only a game right? Good one Stacey! Bye,


jyotsana said...

stacey i thought it was some other story ... well.... what a story teller u r and how do u manage to capture the minute emotionns and their expressions well within the rhyme n meter?

goatman said...

I am not sure that her hard response to his distress (although admittedly over a mundane topic) was the selfless response. And we must sometimes be selfless in dealing with others, if only to maintain peace and tranquility.

Just a thought on your thoughtful poem.

Stacey said...

Doug, the poet spinner appreciates your lovely comment and compliments as always thank you :-D

Eric, thank you very much, i'm glad you enjoyed the twists ;-D

Wow thank you Rex, glad you think so... :-)

Hi Kayce,glad I kept you in suspense ;-D...
You are so very welcome :)

Very true Polona! I bet there is going to be a few grown men crying by the end of the championships (LOL) ;)

Kalyan, thank you so very much, really glad that you liked it :)

Rex - you're welcome :¬)

Thanks Janice, I like to add a few twists and keep you guessing (LOL) ;-)

Thank you Vartika, for the wonderful compliments, I am really pleased that you like my poems. :¬D

Hi Kayce, your posts and comments come from your heart...and thats so improtant,thank you once again :-)

Bob, you said that The Raiders have been losing a lot lately...
Now come on Bob, be strong....
Deep breath.......
Do you need a tissue?...(LOL)..
glad you enjoyed it... :-D

Thanks Jyotsana, I like to have a few twists in my poems, where you start reading it and it ends up being the oposite from what you imagined (LOL) ;-D

Goatman thank you for your comment,
My poem "Game over" is just a light hearted she should be forgiven for having a tough love approach to his tantrums..what do you think.. ;)

Sam!! said...

I just loved how u ended up.. beautiful piece of writing..

Take care

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey-

cyclopseven said...

I like the way you dribble the story passed the readers. You are a good striker. Nice ending. EURO is about to end, and EPL will begin. Hope to see more childishness in the man.

Stacey said...

Thanks sam, glad you enjoyed it ;-D

Your welcome Rex.. :)

Hi Cyclopseven,thanks very much ;-)

Niranjan said...

Stacey, you are kinda gifted in slamming people on the ground. Another rhetoric- equipped, twisty writing. i loved reading it. Bravo ! :)