Monday, 28 April 2008

Secrets and Lies

The love of her life, she would always gloat,
Now these words stuck in her throat,
Husband and wife, certificate signed,
Not taken lightly, she was sure at the time.

His infidelity was hidden underground ,
Until this moment no proof could be found,
But maybe in hindsight she tried to deny,
What was blatantly obvious in front of her eyes.

His business trips that came so often,
Staying in hotels, of names he’d forgotten,
Constantly working, or missing his train,
The same excuses became so lame.

With bags packed she walked out the door,
Glancing just once at the house she adored,
No longer prepared to accept his deceit,
Head held high she disappeared down the street.

A few roads away, a telephone rings,
The lady excited by the news that it brings,
“His wife has left him, he is all alone”
She screamed out loud once replacing the phone.

How was she to know that his wife would arrive,
Searching for answers to secrets in his life,
As a tarot card reader she could give some details,
But his naughty little antics she knew far to well.

For she was his mistress, second best in his life,
Nothing but a secret, she was hidden from sight,
All of a sudden she feels a big fright
Will he cheat on her, like he did to his wife?

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Still fuming from the night before,
When I chucked him out and slammed the door,
Stood Staring at the cardboard box,
The very thing that caused this strop.

“You’ll never do it” he had laughed out loud
“A million pounds , I’ll bet you now
You wouldn’t want to break a nail
It’s a job for a man, and not for a girl”.

Frustrated to the point of tears,
Patronising words flow through my ears,
He says a girl can’t do the job,
I’ll teach him how to curb his gob.

A few hours later and job complete,
Time to sit and relax my feet,
Happy with the end result,
Soon it will be time for me to gloat.

Later that evening he knocks on the door,
Still laughing from the night before,
“Be a good girl and make me a drink
I‘ll have it sorted in a matter of a wink”.

Entering the kitchen, his face says it all,
New washing machine whirling , completely installed,
Full of apologies he feels such a fool,
For doubting my abilities and causing uproar.

A little deception is all that it took,
Searching the internet to get me off the hook,
Finding a plumber and paying the fees,
Allowed me to take credit, for the installed machine.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Something she's not

Appointment booked, at quarter past nine,
Everything in order it was nearly time,
Face mask placed, only eyes appear,
Will she recognise and disappear?

In she enters the same old Grace,
No sign of difference on her face,
Extending my hand I greet her warm,
Stomach in knots, it’s causing a storm.

Once she’s settled within the chair,
Gums are numb, and drill prepared,
Work is started upon her teeth,
She feels no pain, just tugging beneath.

Last few touches, and mouth complete,
Passing her water to rinse and spit,
Can she be happy with all I’ve done?
Or wish she’d booked with a different one.

Glancing in the mirror, she stops in her tracks,
A toothless face is what stares back,
Trying to speak, but mouth still numb,
Dribble is all that can run from her tongue.

Once she was my dentist, but never trained ,
Finally Caught by the mistakes she made,
Thrown out permanently, brought to a stop,
Changing my profession, I took her job.

When Grace now smiles a reminder is seen,
All teeth extracted, only gums will gleam,
Her previous patients all got this sight,
When looking in the mirror they got the same fright.

Her pretence as a dentist, she caused so much pain,
This profession I qualified, certificates I gained,
Her x-rays did show, extraction wasn’t needed,
But Oops I’ve lost them, no evidence to prove this.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Why do it?

Speeding through the country lane,
Windscreen wipers pushing through the rain,
Swigging drunkenly from can in hand ,
No thought for others as accelerator is slammed .

Weaving with danger at speed that could kill,
One hand slumped casually over the wheel ,
No seatbelt worn , it’s a safety device
Does she not care, it could save her life?

Approaching a turning she gets such a fright,
A figure from nowhere, comes into her sight,
Too late to brake her speed’s way to fast,
Next thing his face is pressed into the glass.

Frozen in terror, she hears herself scream,
Panic sets in she struggles to breathe,
Windscreen broken, her heart starts to race,
She can’t help but stare at the blood on his face .

Grabbing her mobile she calls for the police,
Directions are given, though so hard to speak,
Sitting there quietly with head in her hands,
Legs feeling heavy as if glued to the ground.

With help appearing she stumbles from the car,
But what her eyes see brings so much more,
Windscreen unbroken and no face appears,
The man in question has disappeared.

“You reported an accident “the police do say,
She tries to explain, but no evidence remains,
Police arrest her, she has failed the test,
Far to much alcohol was on her breath.

In the far distance a figure appears,
Watching intently and shedding tears,
No one can see him it’s been twenty years,
His just a shadow that disappears.

For he was a driver that enjoyed a drink
Despite the warnings he took the risk,
He drove this same country lane,
But one night his life was never the same.

They say he went instantly, with his wife and child,
Too much alcohol brought an end to their world,
Now he haunts the place that they died,
Stopping others in the hope they survive.