Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I read and listened to conservative radio talk show host Mr. M. Savage’s outrageous and ill informed claims on his thoughts about Autism, for any parent, carer, teacher or professional who knows an Autistic child they will know that Mr. Savage’s hurtful rant, could not be further from the truth.
(Talk radio network-America)
click below link to read or hear his rant

Mr. Michael. Savage is the only man,
Voicing an opinion like no one can,
Lack of knowledge, causes anger to breed,
Upsetting parents, all part of his deed.

Clearly obvious his brain’s not in gear,
He needs a firm kick to be placed on his rear,
Never learning to run before he leaps,
Lack of common sense is what he reeks.

For every parent of an autistic child,
Mr Savage’s radio rant sent them wild,
His callous speech on this neurological disorder,
Showed his true colours, he’s out of order.

His claim that Autism is a fraud and a racket,
That parents claim welfare to make a packet,
Insulting these children by calling them brats,
Did he really think anyone would put up with that?

The barrage of insults he continued to use,
Calling them morons this is verbal abuse,
Stating only one percent of cases are real,
The other percentage are acting, he thinks is the deal.

For every child or adult that has this diagnosis,
This condition can give a different prognosis,
Symptoms can range from mild to severe,
But either way it can cause many tears.

Mr savage needs to be taught the facts,
Learn from the families of those he attacked,
If he looked into the eyes of an autistic child,
The knowledge he’d gain would be worthwhile.

Instead of blaming their mum's and dads,
He should talk to them and learn the facts,
These special kid's parents, will no doubt tell,
Insensitive remarks can make their lives hell.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Another Love

His eyes focused on the other woman in his life,
She was completely different from his wife,
Whenever he saw her his heart missed a beat,
She really knew how to sweep him off his feet.

She was very expensive, not cheap in this world,
But he gave her everything for she was his girl,
He would tenderly caress every one of her curves,
Speaking to her gently in whispered words.

They had a bond, that couldn’t be broken,
She made him feel young, his life was now woken,
When she was poorly, she would let him know,
He would rush her to the place that she needed to go.

He knew she had something that drove men wild,
Slender looks, beauty and a magnificent style,
Many men offering to take her off of his hands,
But he would decline as she’s part of his plans.

His friends were so envious of his catch,
Desperate to find one that was a match,
Their eyes fixated they showed no tact,
Mesmerised by her body work, this was a fact.

He never kept her a secret from his wife,
She knew of his other love that shared his life,
In fact, she was the one who brought them together,
Encouraging their meetings no matter the weather.

But occasionally his wife would scream out loud:
“Two’s company and three’s a crowd!”
Being said when he didn’t distribute his time,
Just her little warning not to cross the line.

Knowing his wife couldn’t possibly understand,
His feelings for his beauty sitting out on his land,
The blue Mercedes Benz the car of his dreams,
Is the other woman in his life it now seems.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

"What?.......You don't use metaphors?.."

Casting aspersions, on your name,
Follow the rules or don’t play the game,
Spend years revising and taking notes,
Make sure you’re serious, or you’re just a joke.

Speak the language, to get in their books,
If you don’t, there’s no chance of a look,
Just one foot forward in the right direction,
First hurdle jumped to get their affection.

Metaphors to be used, similes are a must,
Dare to omit them, you’ve lost their trust,
Using words that the reader won’t understand,
Except when they have a dictionary in hand.

Don’t use too many commas, dashes and dots ,
That’s an insult and will cause them to strop,
And as for syllables, don’t cut them short,
Then again, too many will be your own fault.

Never use simple wording, this just wont do,
Exaggerated context is much better for you.
After all don’t you want to fit into the theme?
If not, then you can’t be part of their team.

Whatever subject that comes to your mind,
Make sure its what they like, or leave it behind,
All this is needed to be accepted in the gang,
Dare to ignore it, you’re out with a bang.

‘’Poetry should always be written this way,
No exceptions to be made’’ most critics do say,
If you choose not to follow the rules to the tee,
Then you’re never be taken at all seriously.

These poetic commandments need to be changed,
Despite opposition from a wide range,
A true poet should have an individual mind,
Be completely different, be one of a kind.

When the ink hits paper any poet will know,
Exactly which way it wants it to flow,
Not bowing down to the laws of convention,
You’re being unique, with your poetical invention.