Monday, 14 July 2008

Another Love

His eyes focused on the other woman in his life,
She was completely different from his wife,
Whenever he saw her his heart missed a beat,
She really knew how to sweep him off his feet.

She was very expensive, not cheap in this world,
But he gave her everything for she was his girl,
He would tenderly caress every one of her curves,
Speaking to her gently in whispered words.

They had a bond, that couldn’t be broken,
She made him feel young, his life was now woken,
When she was poorly, she would let him know,
He would rush her to the place that she needed to go.

He knew she had something that drove men wild,
Slender looks, beauty and a magnificent style,
Many men offering to take her off of his hands,
But he would decline as she’s part of his plans.

His friends were so envious of his catch,
Desperate to find one that was a match,
Their eyes fixated they showed no tact,
Mesmerised by her body work, this was a fact.

He never kept her a secret from his wife,
She knew of his other love that shared his life,
In fact, she was the one who brought them together,
Encouraging their meetings no matter the weather.

But occasionally his wife would scream out loud:
“Two’s company and three’s a crowd!”
Being said when he didn’t distribute his time,
Just her little warning not to cross the line.

Knowing his wife couldn’t possibly understand,
His feelings for his beauty sitting out on his land,
The blue Mercedes Benz the car of his dreams,
Is the other woman in his life it now seems.


Lyric4Verse said...

Now this is great!

Double "D" said...

Ahhhh, reminds me of the 1967 red corvette
I've always wanted. When you talk about cars like
that I can see how one with those curves and style
might get in the way once in a while. It's just
a guy thing that keeps us young at heart. This can also be good for the wives if you know what I mean.
This is a real beauty Stacey. Well written and well
disguised. I like it a lot.

venuss66 said...

Good one.Ending is superb.:)

Eric Valentine said...

Composed by one who has an appreciation for the beautiful machine. Very well done Stacey, amazing.. :)

Nefariousoutlook said...

Hats off!!!!

I sure hope i find someone who is as understanding :)

it is brilliantly written ...keep posting gal :)

Janice Thomson said...

Excellent Stacey! - you had me hooked right till the end whereupon I laughed out loud on finding out who the other 'woman' was :)

Dan said...

It is sad but true, Stacey. My memories of my first car far supercede those of my first girlfriend!

Vartika said...

now that i m reading your posts for quite sometime, i saw this end coming...but loved the rhyme all the while!

ozymandiaz said...

funny stuff Stacey. somehow I knew you were "stearing" us toward a twist
never really understood the infatuation with cars myself. I mean I appreciate a fine vehicle and all having had plenty that were anything but fine (i.e. rustbuckets and clunkers) but they are still just menas of transportation.

cyclopseven said...

Wow..BMW...Best Man's Woman? Great.

Sam!! said...

As always great piece of poetry dear :))

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

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goatman said...

ooh, you are the tricky one.
I'll bet you like surprise parties?

jigar said...

i found your poems really interesting... i liked a 'little warning' a lot.... i prefer these types to the lovey dovey ones.... :)... still i loved the style of ur writing... even i write poems... here is my link... few of the ones i wrote...
do visit if u get time and let me know how u find them...

Le Hornet said...

i'm not a man of love... but i loved this poem. still i'm semi back i can only check my blog not post. my laptop broke so i use my ps3, writing this msg is annoying. i will be checking in on you again mam. peace

Stacey said...

Rex :D
Doug ;D
Venus66 :)
Eric :D
Nefariousoutlook ;)
Janice ;D
Dan :)
Vartika :)
Ozy ;)
Cyclopseven :)
Sam ;)
Go-jazz :)
Goatman ;)
Jigar :)
Le-Hornet ;)

Hi everyone ((wave)) thank you all for your lovely comment they are all appreciated :-D

Beatrice V said...

Very very good....wonderful, analogy, unexpected ending, etc..

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Evening Stacey.

How are You?

I got goosebumps all over my skin.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thanks :-)

Maybe, You would like to contribute
on the exhibition with a poem on light?

You are so creative!!!!

Niranjan said...

hoho. . Now thats an accidental end ! !
Good work gurl. .

jyotsana said...

Ou what a twist! Amazingly crafted!

Dayna von Dyke said...

very clever.

Gaurav said...

This is one of the best poems I have ever read !

Continue writing ..your words are realistic and very expressive!

Gaurav Gulati