Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I read and listened to conservative radio talk show host Mr. M. Savage’s outrageous and ill informed claims on his thoughts about Autism, for any parent, carer, teacher or professional who knows an Autistic child they will know that Mr. Savage’s hurtful rant, could not be further from the truth.
(Talk radio network-America)
click below link to read or hear his rant

Mr. Michael. Savage is the only man,
Voicing an opinion like no one can,
Lack of knowledge, causes anger to breed,
Upsetting parents, all part of his deed.

Clearly obvious his brain’s not in gear,
He needs a firm kick to be placed on his rear,
Never learning to run before he leaps,
Lack of common sense is what he reeks.

For every parent of an autistic child,
Mr Savage’s radio rant sent them wild,
His callous speech on this neurological disorder,
Showed his true colours, he’s out of order.

His claim that Autism is a fraud and a racket,
That parents claim welfare to make a packet,
Insulting these children by calling them brats,
Did he really think anyone would put up with that?

The barrage of insults he continued to use,
Calling them morons this is verbal abuse,
Stating only one percent of cases are real,
The other percentage are acting, he thinks is the deal.

For every child or adult that has this diagnosis,
This condition can give a different prognosis,
Symptoms can range from mild to severe,
But either way it can cause many tears.

Mr savage needs to be taught the facts,
Learn from the families of those he attacked,
If he looked into the eyes of an autistic child,
The knowledge he’d gain would be worthwhile.

Instead of blaming their mum's and dads,
He should talk to them and learn the facts,
These special kid's parents, will no doubt tell,
Insensitive remarks can make their lives hell.


Double "D" said...

Hurtful Moron, Pain in the Moron, Stupid
Moron, Complete Moron and Bad Moron.

Gosh I wish I could say what I really felt.
Nice job with the poem Stacey, I don't know
how you restrained yourself from turning
your poem into a rant.

I hope he gets a chance to read it.
Well done.

Anonymous said...

Your style of writing always interests me stacey....regarding the poem...I just feel sad the way people treat children with autism...I think people need to be a bit more caring & understanding rather than be crude towards it...nicely written!

Lyric4Verse said...

This is very, very good Stacey- but because of what appears to be the personal nature of it- I'm really at a loss for words...I've heard this guy, and maybe the fact that his name is Savage in his case, FITS HIS PERSONALITY...he should try to walk a mile in somebody else's shoes.

ozymandiaz said...

Sounds as though HIS mom and dad could have done a better job.

Casdok said...

Brillient!! :)

polona said...

you have addressed a sensitive subject again, and very well at that.
i have no words for people like this mr.savage...

goatman said...

Sounds like the man is aptly named!
I try to avoid people like that; but it is not always easy.

Concerning autism: I wonder what would be the status of these kids say 60 years ago? Would their behavior be regarded as a medical possibility for a decent life or would they be put away in a state institution and be just housed. And, if so, are they still there?

Eric Valentine said...

Typical dumbass remarks from a powderpuff wannabee. He needs a kick in the ass. Well done on the poem Stacey, as always you have such a way with words. :)

cyclopseven said...

Little people speaks the little way. I am surprised that a person can go to that extent of accusing the kids to be pretending. I guess what he knows of Autism, is just to spell it right. The rest we have to guide him. Good work Stacey. Your wonders keep me wondering :)

Nefariousoutlook said...

brilliantly written!! reading your blog after a long time and good to see you havent lost your touch as yet ...as far as the post goes..i am sure the name savage is very apt for him :)

Kuan Gung said...

I don't understand people like him...however, his name is appropriate...

jigar said...

this was a really nice one... good one...

Casdok said...

Ive tried my had at a bit of poetry which may amuse you!

Aleta said...

One of my close friends has a child with autism. He is a handsome boy and intelligent in many ways, but you cannot touch him and if he is overloaded with too much stimuli around him, it greatly upsets him. This is NOT a brat, this is a child with a disorder. It upsets me that people are unwilling to see the problems of our children and think it's just the parental raising. My friend is a great mom and she was the first to notice that something wasn't "quite right" early on and thankfully she has received help with therapy for her son and special education for him as well.

I'm glad that you wrote the poem, excellent!

ekhosama said...

What a mean person he is. As if autistic parents don't already have enough to deal with. Thanks for bringing out the truth Stacey, or else I would have never heard about this.

Anonymous said...

whats up mam... i have not commented for a whilee, but have been reading via playstation.

still this poem was well... how can i say this not onll deep but educational and heart filling this is one of your greatest yet.

keep them coming DR stacey.

Xone loveX

i'll pe posting soon enough but be checking in on you. XhornetX

Eric Valentine said...

Hope you are well Stacey, not seen you for a while now my friend. :)

Sayani said...

Thats really so painful...
i wonder does it take so much to put on shoes of other

you take care :)

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Niranjan said...

Nice work Stacey ! !

Margie said...

Happy New Year, Stacey!
Good work on the poem... as always!
Hope to see you back soon.
Take care!


Sayani said...

hey u r out for long ....hope everything fine

Rob Kistner said...

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Sunil said...

Hi Stacey,
How are you dear.
And long time no see....where are you these days?
I hope you are having a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey,

Just noticed your comment over at World Class Poetry. Then followed up your link to Allen's review of your blog - way back when.

Looks like Allen might want to take some advice from *you*, in terms of building a readership.

And I'm glad to see a poet who writes something other than free verse. I'm adding you to my blog roll - post haste!

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Off to work I go...

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Great words that goes deep into the heart.Your readers too understand you so well and clear their words.Your have readers itself makes it worth all the trouble.

SimeyC said...

Very interesting poetry....it's always difficult to put poetry out here on the web as your open to all sorts of opinion...so kudos to you...

Come visit us at papertank.com.....

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Afternoon Stacey,
How are You this Sunny Day?

(( hug ))

jyotsana said...

hey stacey, where are you? saw your comment jus today. had been away from home for some time. miss your style of writing...do come back soon and give us a new post.

Stacey said...

Thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting. Sorry I haven't replied sooner but as you've probably noticed - I've been away for some time, and only just getting back into the swing of things again.
Your visits and comments are greatly appriciated, as always, so thank you :D