Friday, 10 April 2009

Battle of wills

Fighting the urge was becoming too strong,
It had only been days but seemed so long,
Temptation all around, pulling him in,
Would its magnetic power finally win?

Desparately trying to keep occupied,
Pushing the thought to the back of his mind,
But despite everything he tried to do,
A voice screamed " go on you know you want to."

Keeping him awake all through the night,
Staring at the ceiling 'till the morning light,
During the day the feeling was worse,
His agitated state was becoming a curse.

Taking up jogging, and walking the dog,
Working extra hours, in his boring job,
Eating for comfort anything in his sight,
His expanding waistline was becoming a fright.

Trying hypnotherapy and nicotine gum,
This addiction he fought had finally won,
One of the hardest things he tried to do,
Giving up smoking - he'll leave it to you.


ANNA-LYS said...

Good Evening ;-)

To give up a destructing love life with Miss Nicotinia, is not the easiest, but the healthiest choice of living!

Ohhh Stacey, I have missed Your excellent way of playing with words, so we can smile at the seriousness and hardness of life.

Welcome back!!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Casdok said...


Bella Nått said...

You have a way with words!

Double "D" said...

The Blogs on Me.

You threw that one by me
and lead me astray. Fooled
as always by the tales you
do tell.

Glad you're back Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyric4Verse said...

Another good one Stacey- glad to see you're back.

Eric Valentine said...

Greatly composed poem Stacey, of how to kick the 'Butt' one last time..
I know it's not so easy to quit, it's been 3 yrs since my last one.. ;)

Good to see you are back my friend. :)

goatman said...

Glad to see your back. We blobbers need all of the friends we can muster.
When I stopped smoking after 20 years it was prodded by a heartbeat anomaly which I noticed at two in the morning when it scares you most. Turned out it was just a common premature beat, but it scared me into stopping. Haven't had the problem since though, or the problem of money draining out of my pocket for cigs (they just raised taxes on a pack by 60 cents per pack here!)

Your poetry flows and presents well. Nice work -- hope he appreciates the thought.

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Afternoon Stacey,

I've tried to figure
You in Your new hat
its hard to configure
can You show us that?

(( hug ))

PS Dont know if Swenglish works in Googles online translator ,-) DS

upinVermont said...

Just saw your comment Stacey!

How is it that you have so many followers who know when you have written a poem after a year has gone by!

It warms the cockles of my heart to read a little rhyme, especially from a poet who has so much fun with it.

If I can get around to summing up the week's posts on meter and rhyme, I'll include your poem.

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Morning, Stacey :-)
Your a lot of talent people over there in Britain!!!!

(( hug ))

Stacey said...

Anna-lys, I must confess I, myself have not managed to give up my relationship with Mr Nicotinia, as of yet {;O.....maybe in time I will.
Glad I put a smile on your face (I hope that you are wearing a hat as well as a smile lol @;)

Casdok, thank you very much :)

Graddelina, welcome and thank you for your visit, glad you enjoy my words :D

Hi Doug, I can not believe I fooled you, would I do a thing like that? ME...never....
Oh ok then yes I would (giggle giggle);D
Thanks for your lovely words Doug.

Thanks Rex, I thought you would enjoy this one :D

Hi Eric, well you have more willpower than me, as I have still not managed to "kick the butt". Thank you for your kind words :D

Goatman, very true words, and how wonderful it is that I have some great friends like you who visit, which I really do appreciate, so thank you ;D

Hi Anna-Lys
The hat I wear, is purple and blue,
Some are old, and some of them new,
All through the day and through the night,
I wear them with pride so not to fright. @;D

Swenglish does sometimes work with google.....but.. sometimes not {;D

Thank you for your visit again, and I am glad that you enjoyed my poem, and that it "warmed the cockles of your heart" ;D.
It would be a pleasure if you included my poem! Thank You :-)

Anna-Lys, us Brits have amazing talent - especially for singing. Look out on the next Britain's got talent, you'll see me there, after all you haven't heard my singing yet *ahem...* @;D

ANNA-LYS said...

Guess Your song will be
"I keep it under my hat"
with Tim McGraw


Have a lovely evening!

Bella Nått said...

Is this where the Battle of Hats is?

Unknown said...

So chweeeeet!
It is worth reading... the dilemma of a smoker... cheers.... kunjubi

Margaret Hall said...

Loved the write and I shall come back soon to read again! Come for a spot of tea at my place when time allows...Keep writing, Stacey!