Saturday, 25 April 2009


Lightning strikes, deafening noise,

Taunting, laughing, it seems to enjoy,

Sparks flying, with different tones,

No one else hears it, she feels so alone.

Engulfed, overpowered, nowhere to turn,

Peace and tranquility, something she yearns,

Her privacy invaded, there's no escape,

A life she now feels nothing but hate.

Crashing and banging, like symbols in a band,

Eyes closed tight, ears covered by her hand,

Precautions taken, to drown out the sound,

But the volume gets higher, the nightmare rebounds.

Electricity surging within her brain,

Like a thunderstorm, returning over again,

Unable to escape, run away and hide,

She keeps this nightmare locked inside.


Casdok said...

Powerful words.

upinVermont (Patrick) said...

I've heard migraines described like this. They must be horrific.

But does she really "keep" the nightmare locked inside - or is the experience forcefully locked inside her?

ANNA-LYS said...

Forcefully and with stars around,
but You, Stacey is a poetry star
Your power are much stronger,
You are witchcraft with a pen

<3 <3 <3

Kill 'em!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Morning!
Hope this day will be a better one!


goatman said...

Alot of tension here. But most emotion cycles better to worse to better . . . I have found. Thankfully
Pain works alot like that too I have found. The hope is that we are never given too much to bear without ease.

Bella N├ątt said...


ANNA-LYS said...

Do You still got thunder?

Stacey said...

Bella Natt.

Thank you all for your comments, all of which are greatly appriciated :D

Mimmy said...

Great work. Although your poetry is very unlike mine, it is profoundly beautiful and reminds me of what my grandson writes. My poetry comes from the heart and is written with as much feeling as is your. However, the poetry that you and my grandson write somehow expresses your feelings in a much more profound way. I would love to share some of your works on my blog, or at least have you look at mine. Hopefully we can continue to share not only our poetry but our thoughts.

God Bless,

Mimmy said...

Stacey - It's time to write again. I'm not trying to brow beat you or anything but the best way to avoid writer's block is to write, write, write. An almost quote from my 10th grade English teacher who spent about 3/4 of the year teaching us how to write. I despised (really wish I knew how to do strike overs) her classes at that time but as I grew older, she is now my favorite teacher. Her red pen would bleed all over my papers but I sure did learn a lot.

Come see my blog,see what you think, and maybe we can help each other out in our literary times of need.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
Concord, NC

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Hi Mimmy,
Thank you for your visit,and for your compliments, though I think I am a bit older than your grandson LOL ;D
Our style of poetry may be different, but thats a good thing, as it builds interest between other poets.
I will be popping over to visit you at your blog very soon :)

Mimmy said...

Stacey - you may be a bit older in years (18) than my grandson but you are very young at heart. My sister and I call my poetry Grandma Moses poetry but without Grandma Moses we wouldn't be able to study the differences between her, Renoir and Andy Warhol. Another thing I love about poetry, you don't have to be great at it to enjoy writing it and reading it. You just have to enjoy it and give it a try. I really look forward to reading more of your work and of you reading mine.

God Bless,

Unknown said...

Stacey... For a long time I have been missing your poems.. Your "Thunderstorm" is making me undergo the same feelings you expose in through these words.So powerful and eloquent, that I feel it is actually enliving outside. So beautiful and it turns the mind also in such a mood. Congrats... cheers.... kunjubi

Eric Valentine said...

Great words as always Stacey, nice to get here again & read your work.. Headlines are up... ;)

Dayna von Dyke said...

it's scary how you described it so exact.

Stacey said...

Thank you again for your lovely comments, and yes I am young at heart, which I think we all are to some point but still a good few years older than 18 ;D

Thank you Kunjubi, its nice to see you over here again, glad you enjoyed this poem.

Hi Eric, its lovely to see you visit me,thank you :D

Deynii Devitch, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments that you have left me. I have tried to visit your blog (by clicking on to your name) but it is telling me that there is an error. If you could leave me another link I will try that :D

Mimmy said...

Thanks Stacey for visiting my blog. I know you are right. We take things out on the ones we love the most and then are the hardest on ourselves.

Again, I'm asking you to write something else or at least post something you have already written. I like your work so I guess I'm being selfish.

Any suggestions to improve my blog and attract readers. I'm totally new at this. If you'll check out my blog entitled "Blog School" you'll see what I mean.

Thanks again & God bless,

Anonymous said...

your to much, im still checking o you, still keep up. i will be posting soon. LE HORNET (signed out) one love.

Stacey said...

Hi Mimmy,
I am hopeing to get something new posted this week coming :D
It lovely that you like my poetry, thank you.
I will pop over to your blog soon, and see if I can come up with any suggestions for you ;D

Hi Le Hornet,
Its really nice that you do still check in on me, I had a feeling that you did................... did you know that us women can sence these things (LOL) ;D
I look forward to seeing you blogging again, when do you think it will be?
Dont forget that I am still waiting for my * star LOL :)

Mimmy said...

Stacey - Thanks for checking in on me and for taking an interest in helping me with my blog. I look forward to hearing from you again soon and even more so to seeing more of your work.

God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce

janetleigh said...

It's me, Stacey, and I'm dropping in to say "hello" and I miss you and your powerful poetry and uberkind self! I'm trying to get back into writing, too. As you may know, this past year has been a tough one for me & mine, but I'm trying to make a come-back, and also visit my favorites cyberfriends..:) As far as 'writer's block' goes, sometimes we just need some time to pull back and observe for a while as our battery is jump-started by some awesome experience or idea. And you're full of it: awesomeness, that is.. ;> All I can really say at this time is: write when it's right! I'll be stopping in again to catch that new poem you've put up, winsome smile you'll be wearing, and a pair of new wings, grrl! Love to you and plenty of {{{hugs}}}

Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

Lyric4Verse said...

Sent you an E-mail.

venuss66 said...

So glad to be here again. Nice reading you after such a long time. How are you?

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Stacey,
How are You?
Have You voted, yet?

Stacey said...

Your more than welcome, I am on my way over to you ;D

Thank you so much, its lovely to see you over here, I have left you a message on your blog :)

Hi Rex
Thank you, I got it ;D

Venus 66
Its nice to see you also, I am good thank you I am on my way over to you ;D

Oh yes, I was first in line at the polling station (LOL).....
I am ok thank you, how about you? are you still wareing your hat {:D

venuss66 said...

Hi, thank you for your warm visit. I am fine. Thank you.

K said...

It's interesting how you jumped between describing the thunderstorm and describing her feelings, like the storm was a reflection of herself. And you don't know when you're describing her or the storm and that puts the magic into this poem, because maybe you are not supposed to know.