Saturday, 31 May 2008

A little warning...

My poem is based on an article that caught my eye in a newspaper, a poor guy from Australia needed to stop at the side of a road to answer, "the call of nature", lets just say, the consequences of this little stop must have caused his eyes to water somewhat...

Driving through the long dusty road,
Suddenly feeling the urge to go ,
Why hadn’t he gone before he left?
Realising now, this might have been best.

Through lack of sleep from the night before,
His eyes so heavy, would they hit the floor?
Drinking plenty of coffee to keep him awake,
He cursed himself at this stupid mistake.

The problem made worse by bumps in the road,
How could he follow the highway code,
No choice in this matter he had to stop,
Praying to God he would not spill a drop.

He jumps out quick looking at the distance afar,
No sign of any people or sight of a car,
Crouching down by the side of the road,
He thinks he’s found the perfect place to go.

While the call of nature takes its course,
He starts to scream his voice becomes hoarse,
Something had slithered between his legs,
“What is this thing?” this thought he dreads.

All of a sudden this thing shows its face,
It lunges at him in a very awkward place,
With long sharpened fangs it holds on tight,
This Eastern brown snake, is ready to fight.

A few hours later in his hospital bed,
Doctors’ words running around in his head,
This kind of snake has venom that kills,
Lucky for him, it hadn’t learnt these skills.

Though very painful his *ahem* is intact,
He’s learnt a lesson and that’s a fact,
If ever he needs to answer the call of nature,
He’ll cross his legs and wait ‘till later.

Sunday, 25 May 2008


This poem has been based on a true story that is currently in the media. One of the children of the woman involved, was found starved to death, the other children where not far off. yet this was not about lack of money or food, this woman fed herself continuously, and was found to be well nourished , as was her boyfriend.
The reason I have written this poem, is that so many women call themselves "Mothers", but to call yourself a mother it takes so much more than giving birth to a child.

A “Mother’s” role in their children’s life,
Is to give them protection, from trouble and strife,
To keep them safe and out of harm’s way,
They’ll give them their last breath , any day.

The woman in question is a “mother of six,
Did she do the above, and worship her kids?
Without any doubt, the answer is known,
No protection for her children, was ever shown.

She caused so much suffering, her children she hurt,
Calling herself a “Mother”, this title she weren’t,
Her intentions to starve all six of her young,
Resulted in the death of this poor little one.

They must have been crying in excruciating pain,
Undernourished bodies, skin and bone only remained,
How could she have listened to her children’s cries,
As they vanished through starvation in front of her eyes?

No Motherly instincts, does this woman posses,
If she did, she would never have caused them distress,
How could this woman have fed her own face?,
But not her poor children, it’s an absolute disgrace.

Nobody with a heart will comprehend what she’s done,
The horrors of her deeds, can never be undone,
She can only be described, as rotten to the core,
Cold hearted and callous, lets hope she’ll pay with the law.

The word “Mother” is a title to be earned,
Something that many people really need to learn,
Just because a woman brings a child into this world,
Doesn’t necessarily mean, she’s got the right to use this word.

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Feeling uncomfortable, they stood and stared,
The events of the morning, causing despair,
Woken by the sound of glass being shattered,
Just six month before it had been the same pattern.

Dreading those questions they needed to ask,
For fear that the answer would be the same as the past,
As they gathered together no words were exchanged,
Just fear in their eyes, that it had happened again.

The very same policeman, from months before,
Exits the house, through the aged front door,
Looking bewildered and in complete despair,
He shouts at the crowd: “Why didn‘t you care?”

The lady that had lived there for most of her life,
Had never been a mother or even a wife,
In solitary confinement within her four walls,
She had no one to visit or give her a call.

She had passed away peacefully, within her sleep,
But no one had found her, for quite a few weeks,
The postman had realised something was wrong,
For the pile of letters had been there too long.

Her neighbours felt guilty as they stood in the rain,
Realising that history had repeated again,
Within six months, two people had passed,
Taking weeks for anyone to notice and ask.

They had all been to busy within their own lives,
Some being mothers, husbands and wives,
Never really noticing the old and the weak,
Even though these people were part of the street.

All felt embarrassed by the way they behaved,
That they hadn’t taken notice in this day and age,
It would only have taken a minute or two,
To knock on there door and say: “Can I help you?”

It was little too late for the neighbours to grieve,
They’d turned a blind eye to those in need,
If only they’d bothered to step out of their world,
And realise these people needed some help.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

The truth behind the screen

Trailing the internet one lonely night,
Just by chance he found a site,
“Find the woman of your dreams“,
It stated it was guaranteed.
Out of curiosity he took a look,
A few weeks later, he was completely hooked,
When a photo appeared upon his screen,
He felt he’d found the woman of his dreams.
Exchanging e-mails, for hours each day,
Never running out of words to say,
Completely smitten, his mind in a whirl,
He now was sure he loved this girl.
E-mailing a message that he wanted to meet,
Telling her she had bowled him off his feet,
Waiting a response his heart beating fast,
Could she possibly give him a chance?
A ping in his inbox, she had answered so quick,
Stating she was willing to meet for a drink,
Thanking God he had learnt to drive a car,
For the distance between them was very far.
A few seconds later another e-mail she sends,
Worryingly She feels that she needs to repent,
For the picture that she had put on the screen,
Wasn’t exactly how it seemed…
Unsure of what she truly meant,
She explained that the photo was a few years spent,
By this he was taken all the way back,
He needed to get his thoughts on track.
She went on to admit she had twisted the truth,
And if they met he would see the proof,
So now she wanted to wipe the slate clean,
Before he met the “woman of his dreams.”
She started to confess all of her lies,
He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,
The biggest clanger that she dropped,
Hit him full pelt like an electrical shock.
She had told him that she was twenty four,
But reality made him hit the floor,
Now revealing that she’s sixty one,
An age old enough to be his mum.
Telling her sternly he’s not impressed,
He deletes her e-mail name and address,
Realising that he’s had a close call,
He feels like a complete and utter fool.
A good thing that his mates aren’t around,
For sure he would never have lived it down!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Prima Donna

With her long glossy hair and beauty in her face,
Clothes worn tightly, but with elegance and taste ,
Long slender legs, teamed off with high heels ,
With an air of confidence she knows that she thrills.
Stepping out of the car, she’s far too late,
But treats the occasion more like a date,
Photographers rush with cameras in hands,
Posing and pouting how a model should stand.
After five minutes, she strolls through the doors,
No thought for others she flouts all the laws,
Her lawyer is angry, his face says it all,
She’s kept people waiting the judge is appalled.
This being her third time, she’s hauled to the courts,
Never an apology or a sign of remorse,
Giggling and laughing, her arrogance is shown,
Especially when she starts texting on her phone.
“You’re pushing the boundaries” her lawyer declares,
“You’ll end up sorry, if you don’t show you care”
Looking down her nose, she states very bold:
“I pay your wages, YOU do what you’re told!”
Admitting defeat, he knows what comes next,
For this judge takes no pity, on those who disrespect,
A sentence in prison, this she is told,
To be served continuously with no chance of parole.
She faces the judge with sheer disbelief,
Defiantly yelling :“You should be kissing my feet!
I’m in all the papers, don’t you know who I am!?!”
Turning to her lawyer she shouts “DO SOMETHING MAN!”
With a satisfied look her lawyer walks away,
Secretly happy with the results of the day,
Not bothered that the case didn’t go his way,
He got more satisfaction from the look on her face.
She’s dragged away screaming, makeup a mess,
Providing the ultimate photo for the waiting press,
She thought she was untouchable as a famous star,
Now she’s incarcerated, it didn’t get her very far!!!!