Sunday, 25 May 2008


This poem has been based on a true story that is currently in the media. One of the children of the woman involved, was found starved to death, the other children where not far off. yet this was not about lack of money or food, this woman fed herself continuously, and was found to be well nourished , as was her boyfriend.
The reason I have written this poem, is that so many women call themselves "Mothers", but to call yourself a mother it takes so much more than giving birth to a child.

A “Mother’s” role in their children’s life,
Is to give them protection, from trouble and strife,
To keep them safe and out of harm’s way,
They’ll give them their last breath , any day.

The woman in question is a “mother of six,
Did she do the above, and worship her kids?
Without any doubt, the answer is known,
No protection for her children, was ever shown.

She caused so much suffering, her children she hurt,
Calling herself a “Mother”, this title she weren’t,
Her intentions to starve all six of her young,
Resulted in the death of this poor little one.

They must have been crying in excruciating pain,
Undernourished bodies, skin and bone only remained,
How could she have listened to her children’s cries,
As they vanished through starvation in front of her eyes?

No Motherly instincts, does this woman posses,
If she did, she would never have caused them distress,
How could this woman have fed her own face?,
But not her poor children, it’s an absolute disgrace.

Nobody with a heart will comprehend what she’s done,
The horrors of her deeds, can never be undone,
She can only be described, as rotten to the core,
Cold hearted and callous, lets hope she’ll pay with the law.

The word “Mother” is a title to be earned,
Something that many people really need to learn,
Just because a woman brings a child into this world,
Doesn’t necessarily mean, she’s got the right to use this word.


polona said...

stories like this are horrible and they pop up in our press at times, too.
i wonder what makes women act like that... it's just insane!

well done for pointing this out.

K.C. said...

It makes you wonder, huh? I was inspired by this poem. I was inspired to look at my own children and see them for the wonderful people that they are. And to know how they look at me with unquestioning loyalty and for protection. They look at me as a hero, right or wrong. I have to know that my every action is watched. Sometimes it is so easy to forget that. So glad that I stopped by your blog. You are very gifted... KC

Double "D" said...

No one would be more qualified to write this poem
than you Stacey. I can see how this story in the paper
would create outrage and pain in you. You wrote it
beautifully and she does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with "Mother".

Janice Thomson said...

This woman must be in a very bad place right now to have ignored her motherly instincts and let her children starve - how awful a deed.
Thank you for sharing this with your wonderful poem Stacey.

Lyric4Verse said...

Nice piece- I like the social commentary from the heart.

Le Hornet said...

your words go to another level mam, i have to say some lines i can relate to on another angle. you smashed this one. "mother is god on the lips of all children" (Branden lee, crow)

still thanks for the usual funny comment, i still hope one day to understand you ladies.

i won't be posting for a while i need more feed back. but you will know when i do i'll txt you via post. peace

jyotsana said...

hi stacey this is sad but stories like these r making headlines in the newzpaper.just like a child a mother also needs to b born.i wrote on this theme sometime back on my blog may b u will like to read it..."a mother is born."


Stacey this is powerful. This is exactly why the 'YO MAMA SO FAT SHE...' verbal curses were invented. The newspaper also plays their part in this heinous crime. THEY ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY OFF THIS. They sell you what you want to read. In turn making 'loadsha mon'ay' and keeping the reader even more ill-informed. Stacey your amazing, I can't wait to see your new poetry visual goodness.

Stacey said...

Hi Polona,thank you, unfortunately this is appearing in our press, on a daily basis, what makes women do this???I don't think any of us can answer this,only the individual themself. ;-)

K.C, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments and compliment.
I am really glad that I have inspired you, the newspaper article is just one of many stories that is in the news at the moment, and I used this particular one as an example.:)

Doug thank you so very much, the aim of this post, is to show that "Mothers" should be there to protect their children, NOT for their children to be protected from them, so glad that you understand my thinking behind this post, thank you :-D

Thanks Janice, yes it is a very awful deed..
obviously there is so much more behind this story as there always is...the same goes for being a "Mother",there is so much more to it than giving birth, thank you for appreciating my poem :-D

Rex, thank you,I am glad that you like my writing from the heart..I think its the best way to write,

Thanks Le Hornet, its good that you think I have "smashed" it, I think a lot of people will relate to this-even from different perspectives-and maybe not in the exact situation as this article, really glad that you got the picture :-)

jyotsana, thank you for visiting my blog and for you comments....
Yes it is so very sad that these stories are appearing all over the world.
I will be popping over to your site, thanks again ;-D

Radicalboulvard, thank you, for your lovely compliment, I am really glad that you like my poetry enough to look forward to coming back, I feel elated! ;-)
When we see articles like this in the papers/tv, (and obviously we only get to hear or read part of the story) it does seem so very wrong for others to make money from misery. :-D

Raffy Jay said...

was the exam fun stacey? I hope you could visit my blog again stacey.

Sayani said...

so horrible!!!and sad too
u r so wise "mother" is a title to be won
very beautiful stacey !!!!

ozymandiaz said...

There is so much I can go into here. So much relevance.
I just can't right now

wonderful poem though. Very apt.

cyclopseven said...

Its sad to hear about this. Let us hope that the 'future' won't expose us to more of this. Thanks for highlighting this buddy.

K.C. said...

I have never seen the movie that you mentioned on my blog. Would love to though. And the fact, sadly, that until that moment, I had never really noticed young kids like that. It struck me in the moment. I was saddened but also enlightened all in the same moment in all sorts of ways: for the kids and their emotions, for the woman and her emotions, and for myself and my conflicting emotions and my own hypocrisy.

Thank you for your own kind words. KC

K.C. said...

So funny what you said about your memory... It looks like I was the one with the memory problem..but, it seems like I just got my wires crossed a bit.. So sorry about that! But, glad you stopped back in! KC

Stacey said...

(LOL)Raffy Jay....I have lost that it is 0;-)

Thank you Sayani, for your kind words, glad you understand the meaning behind the poem ;-D

Hi Ozy thanks so much... ;-D, so pleased you liked the poem :-)

Cyclopseven, thank you, all we can do is hope ;-)

Hi K.C..well I am now unbooking the doctors appointment, now you have assured me that my memory is fine (LOL) ;-D .....I will be dropping over to you again shortly, thanks again... :-)

Red said...

The story is awful, the poem is awesome. Thank you and than you for stopping by my blog and for the comment.

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey, and yes, I am well- thank you.

Aleta said...

This story turns my stomach and the pain hurts just as much. I'm glad that you bring up these topics and issues. People need to read this and remember, to know what a mother truly is and is not.

Anonymous said...

Another good one, Stacey. Parenting is the hardest job on the planet a good parent would say. Being a good parent means sacrificing your own personal endeavors until your kids are grown. I look at your excellent poem as a form of civic duty..:) Those who take their responsibilities seriously ought to become the voices for change, encouraging others to take themselves and their God-given talents seriously and help to make this world a better place to live in. I see you doing this, Stacey. You're a productive member of society- you're part of the solution in the 'problem' equation. You're a true poet because you are a voice of the people...:) Stay inspired! as Amanda would say..:)

Sam!! said...

Such an impressive piece of writing dear.. such a touchy n inspirational u took this time..

Thanks Stacey :)

Take care

Sunny Daffodil. said...

Very beautifully put together ,Stacie..I loved the line:
"The word “Mother” is a title to be earned,"..

rebecca said...

there ought to be a natural law - as in law of nature - that prevents women who have no right to be mothers to not be able to bear children. i see this and it angers me because there are so many women out there that can be wonderful, caring and loving mothers yet have a very hard time becoming one.

Stacey said...

Red, thank you and your more than welcome, and yes its is so sad, glad you thought the poem was "awesome" ;-D

Rex, your very welcome :-D

Aleta, whats really awful is there are so many other stories like this happening all over the world, I am glad that you feel its good that I bring these topics up ;-)

Poetmeister-Janetleigh, thank you for your comment and uplifting compliments, I will stay inspired, as it is you and everyone that visits my blog who keep me inspired...thank you agian :-D

Samrina hi, thank you very much, glad you thought this post was inspirational ;-)

Sunny daffodil thank you,really glad that you liked that line, as I felt that this was one of the most powerful lines in the poem ;-D

Rebbeca, as you said, some women who can not have children,but are desperate to have them, could make wonderful mothers-it does not seem right, does it? thanks for your comment ;-)

Unknown said...

The 'so-called' poor mother! the world cannot realise that she was also starving. this is the thinking of the affluent only. Who knows her woes? It was too pathetic. check on the background and exact reason how it happened. it can't be intentional. Only helplessness may the real cause.. stacy..If she is a mother she cant' be that cruel as u say... kunjubi

Stacey said...

Thank you for your comment,
I have sent you a copy of this article, once you have read it, I think your opinion will be very different,as I have said in my prologue, just because a woman gives birth to her child this does not automatically make her a "Mother"