Sunday, 4 May 2008

Prima Donna

With her long glossy hair and beauty in her face,
Clothes worn tightly, but with elegance and taste ,
Long slender legs, teamed off with high heels ,
With an air of confidence she knows that she thrills.
Stepping out of the car, she’s far too late,
But treats the occasion more like a date,
Photographers rush with cameras in hands,
Posing and pouting how a model should stand.
After five minutes, she strolls through the doors,
No thought for others she flouts all the laws,
Her lawyer is angry, his face says it all,
She’s kept people waiting the judge is appalled.
This being her third time, she’s hauled to the courts,
Never an apology or a sign of remorse,
Giggling and laughing, her arrogance is shown,
Especially when she starts texting on her phone.
“You’re pushing the boundaries” her lawyer declares,
“You’ll end up sorry, if you don’t show you care”
Looking down her nose, she states very bold:
“I pay your wages, YOU do what you’re told!”
Admitting defeat, he knows what comes next,
For this judge takes no pity, on those who disrespect,
A sentence in prison, this she is told,
To be served continuously with no chance of parole.
She faces the judge with sheer disbelief,
Defiantly yelling :“You should be kissing my feet!
I’m in all the papers, don’t you know who I am!?!”
Turning to her lawyer she shouts “DO SOMETHING MAN!”
With a satisfied look her lawyer walks away,
Secretly happy with the results of the day,
Not bothered that the case didn’t go his way,
He got more satisfaction from the look on her face.
She’s dragged away screaming, makeup a mess,
Providing the ultimate photo for the waiting press,
She thought she was untouchable as a famous star,
Now she’s incarcerated, it didn’t get her very far!!!!


Steffan said...

Very amusing - and I do so like happy endings!

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello my friend,
The sunlight makes it difficult to see the laptop-screen here in the garden. May I come back later, today?

(( hug ))

polona said...

ha, not so privileged anymore!
enjoyed this :)

Janice Thomson said...

This was great and too true to be funny in a way as it happens so often with the young pop stars. Excellent Stacey!

Le Hornet said...

lol hahaha, that was funny... i like that one.

i hate modules; i like a woman with a mind and humor, if they're around.

and your comment you left was funny.

yes she is like a shark she smelled my blood.

all in all 10pts for humor. peace

Andy Sewina said...

Humorously told, sadly there's a lot of these 'Prima Donna's' about.

ANNA-LYS said...

I am here again, sorry, I actually went more tired of doing nothing but laying in the sun, yesterday, so I fall a sleep ... in shame

Now I am going into the deep ocean of British nerd-puzzle ... ehhh poetry


ANNA-LYS said...

I don't know how You do it Stacey. But, You have done it AGAIN!!!

Ohh I wish You could teach the news reporters this magical trick!

It is simply, great, well-told!!!!


Double "D" said...

Stacey, you are a marvelous writer.
You hit the nail right on the head with
this great tale of fame and misfortune.
The picture is so clear, I could draw it
with my eyes closed. Talk later
O great poem spinner.

ozymandiaz said...

Oh, I do so love a fairy tale...
Just goes to show that one can be dumb as spit and still be rich and famous
and dumber yet
to be rich and famous and end up in jail

Stacey said...

Steffan, oh yes happy endings are the best (lol);)...
Thank you for visiting my blog, have you got a blog??? I tried clicking on to your name, but nothing came up. If you have got one let me know what it is so I can visit you :-)

Anna-Lys...Sunlight, yeah I believe you haha :¬)

Thank you Polona, her privileges have now been taken away (LOL), glad you enjoyed :-)

Janice, thank you, and yes it does seem to be happening far to often ;)

Why thank you very much Mr Hornet, 10 points :-D, does this now mean I have earnt my 5th * (star)? ;-)

Thanks Sweettalkingguy,Prima Donnas need to be brought down a
peg or two (LOL) ;¬)

Hi Swengish Anna-Lys,
Oh, the poet nerd is chuffed {:-D..
Sometimes a little bit of poetry, with a touch of humour and throw in a bit of Poet nerd (aka Stacey)..a story can be told (LOL) ;-)

Thank you so much Doug, O great poem spinner, very much appreciates the lovely compliments.... :-D

(LOL) Ozy, how very true....
The question is...will they learn their lesson??? or still think that they're untouchable, and end up re-offending?? mmmm probably the latter ;-)

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks for the comment, Stacey- and I liked this one you far as mine goes, as you saw for yourself- it was a country song this time.

Le Hornet said...

i've already commented on this one, but wanted to tell you personally no i never tell her she's right... i should.

and that offended about the truth comment. too funny.

your comments make me laugh and always leave a smile. (honestly) ;-)

cyclopseven said...

She trapped herself with her own bait. Nicely written.

Sam!! said...

Thats so impressive dear as always...
Well done!

God bless you!

ozymandiaz said...

do those folks ever stop "offending"?

Stacey said...

Hi Rex, thought you would like this one ;-)

Mr Hornet, you can leave comments as often as you like, as long as you award me my 5th *(STAR) ;-)

Thanks Cyclopseven, she should choose her bait very carefully, in future(LOL) ;)

Samrina thank you very much, glad you liked :D

Hiya Ozy... with answer to your question.... I doubt it :-0

angana said...

arrogance kills! beautifully expressed..

Eric Valentine said...

A very well crafted piece Stacey, amusing and leaving no doubt as to the outcome for such snots. Loved it! :)

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks for your comment...Stacey.

Red said...

Fist visit here, I will be back. Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

lovely reading this piece...the jelling of the words is so beautiful & captivating...nice reading...

As for blogging I will still be a bit irregular as of now.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead...

Nefariousoutlook said...

very well written!!! simple and very coherent!!

arrogance never pays!!!

Stacey said...

Exploring life, thank you very much.. :-)

Thanks Eric, really glad that you enjoyed this.. :-D

You're welcome Rex :-D

Thank you very much Red, look forward to your next visit ;-)

Hi Kalyan, thank you for the lovely compliment, and don't worry I will keep popping over :-D

Nefariousoutlook, thank you and very true, arrogance never does pay. :-D

Carol said...

Wow, Stacey/ described Prima Donna's to a T...

Thankyou for your visit..I have a new blog up and running with my photo graphs you can get to it via my musings blog or go to this link.

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Evening Stacey,

Hope everything is OK with my poet-nerd. I haven't been that much around on Internet. I have a deadline on a project this upcoming Monday.

(( hugs ))

Double "D" said...

I've just read this for the third time.
It's beautifully written and lovely to read,
even though it describes a real snot.
Keep writing Stacey.

Stacey said...

Thanks Carol, and I will pop over to your new blog ;-)

Hi Miss Swenglish Anna-Lys,
Your poet nerd hopes all goes well with your project {:-D

Oh Doug, thank you very much. The poet spinner is very glad that you enjoy the poetry ;-D