Monday, 28 April 2008

Secrets and Lies

The love of her life, she would always gloat,
Now these words stuck in her throat,
Husband and wife, certificate signed,
Not taken lightly, she was sure at the time.

His infidelity was hidden underground ,
Until this moment no proof could be found,
But maybe in hindsight she tried to deny,
What was blatantly obvious in front of her eyes.

His business trips that came so often,
Staying in hotels, of names he’d forgotten,
Constantly working, or missing his train,
The same excuses became so lame.

With bags packed she walked out the door,
Glancing just once at the house she adored,
No longer prepared to accept his deceit,
Head held high she disappeared down the street.

A few roads away, a telephone rings,
The lady excited by the news that it brings,
“His wife has left him, he is all alone”
She screamed out loud once replacing the phone.

How was she to know that his wife would arrive,
Searching for answers to secrets in his life,
As a tarot card reader she could give some details,
But his naughty little antics she knew far to well.

For she was his mistress, second best in his life,
Nothing but a secret, she was hidden from sight,
All of a sudden she feels a big fright
Will he cheat on her, like he did to his wife?


Anonymous said...

A story told all too well and all too often but never told enough it seems.

Double "D" said...

Hi Stacey,
The weekend was busy and sunny,
it also looks as though it was productive
for you. Nicely done. The mistress should
know by name that cheating is part of
the game.
Thanks for visiting, it warms my heart.

Janice Thomson said...

I always wonder why woman don't see if he's cheated once he'll probably cheat again - the same holds true for men too. Great poem Stacey with a good message.

Lyric4Verse said...

I liked this, somewhat like a short story, or even like a film scenario in verse...nice write.

Le Hornet said...

i'm a sensetive dude, that poem brings back another memory... your poems have painful truths (for me that is), this one...

4 star it may have been 5 but it brought back a memory ;-}

peace... and thanks for the comment truly funny mam. see you soon.

ozymandiaz said...

well, what did the cards say?
hard to cheat ona real spychic and get away with it.

angana said...

i wish guys understood this more often!

polona said...

some people are simply not meant to be monogamous...
i love how you take situations from life and transform them into scintillating poems

Stacey said...

Thanks Billy, there are many things in life that are not told enough, don't you think? ;)

Hi Doug, you are more than welcome!! But will the mistress learn her lesson - that is the question (LOL) :¬)

Thanks Janice, maybe they do see, they just choose not to, what do you think ?.. :-)

Hi Rex, see I am nearly as good as shakespeare(LOL) ;-)

Mr Hornet I am very happy with * * * * (four stars), can you let me know when I earn my fifth * (star) please and I will accept it with pride (LOL) ;-)

Hi Ozy.. it would be hard to cheat on a real psychic, however....... it depends on whether she's reading the right deck of cards(LOL) ;>

Exploring life, isn't it a good thing that not everyone does this? thank you :¬)

Polona, what a lovely compliment, thank you so much. Really glad that you enjoy them! :¬)

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks for your comment Stacey.

Anonymous said...

Confuseus think lust cause woman to be blinded to truth-- see only what she want to see.

ANNA-LYS said...

My dear poet-nerd ;-)

Have to get back on this one. Just came to tell You that I survived the bonfire, although I am a hex.

(( hug ))

Stacey said...

Stacey think Confuseus could possibly be right! but then again we all have a habit of turning a blind eye to some things we choose not to see.. :¬)

MMMM Anna-Lys, is this your way of telling me that you are into magic....mmmmmmmm interesting (LOL) {;>

White Rose said...

We always think we can change them. But they will probably cheat again.

Enjoyed the poem very much!

Lyric4Verse said...

Thank you for your comment- and you're right about the song part, which is what I saw it as. Though I saw it as a poem as a rock song, but right after the first word "immeasurably," it went bubblegum pop on me. Somewhat like Paul McCartney sitting down to write Eleanor Rigby, and winding up with Silly Love Songs. But you said you liked it, so it's okay.

Anonymous said...

A good message song it would make, Stacey.. Cheatin' always leads to heartache. I think it's much better to just decide before dating that "taken" or married people are off limits. Period. Cheatin' most always affects more than the 2 people involved. I hope your well-written poem makes a difference in someone's life, Stacey.

Sunil said...

Hello dear,
What a great way of telling things.
Maybe we all must learn from you.

Great story & awesome narration.
I simply loved it.

have a nice time. :)

Stacey said...

White Rose, thank you for visiting my blog...
Glad that you liked this poem ;)

You're welcome Rex :)

Thanks Janetleigh, thank goodness I have never been in this situation, but yes it would be good if a few words I wrote made a difference to someone :)

Why thank you kind Sunil for the compliment,glad that you enjoyed it :¬)

cyclopseven said...

Life has two sides, one that we allow others to see , the other one is only for us to see. I guess this belong to the later:).

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Hard to cheat a honest heart and love.............great words

Stacey said...

Cyclopseven thank you for visiting my blog,
very true words :-)

Sapna anu, thank you for visiting my blog,
No one should cheat full stop....
as they're only cheating themselves...:-)

Anonymous said...

Stacy..It just happened so, while browsing through sites of poetry, I landed in your blog..I very much appreciate the thread of social paradoxes depicted in yr poems.It is thought provoking and in such a way you have illustrated it.. sensational! very good.Enchanting. Beautiful. like to read more and will again come back to feast on it...cheers. kunjubi

Stacey said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely compliments, you are welcome back anytime...
I am glad that you enjoy my poetry.. :-D

Kuan Gung said...

Great message...sadly it happens so often...

Stacey said...

Hi Kuan Gung, thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog.. :-D