Saturday, 6 June 2009

It could be you

Adrenaline pumping through every vein,
Heart pounding but causing no pain,
Palms clenched, knuckles white,
Fingers crossed, tonight’s the night.
Ears tuned in to just one sound,
Any other noise is turned right down,
Eyes focused, completely mesmerised,
Blood pressure surging, starting to rise.

They choose the same numbers every time,
Marked off carefully on the right line,
With a chance in a million, many do play,
Hoping and praying it will go their way.
Lives could change, dreams may come true,
But many will be left feeling so blue,
The national lottery, played twice a week,
'In it to win it', wealth they do seek.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Lightning strikes, deafening noise,

Taunting, laughing, it seems to enjoy,

Sparks flying, with different tones,

No one else hears it, she feels so alone.

Engulfed, overpowered, nowhere to turn,

Peace and tranquility, something she yearns,

Her privacy invaded, there's no escape,

A life she now feels nothing but hate.

Crashing and banging, like symbols in a band,

Eyes closed tight, ears covered by her hand,

Precautions taken, to drown out the sound,

But the volume gets higher, the nightmare rebounds.

Electricity surging within her brain,

Like a thunderstorm, returning over again,

Unable to escape, run away and hide,

She keeps this nightmare locked inside.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Battle of wills

Fighting the urge was becoming too strong,
It had only been days but seemed so long,
Temptation all around, pulling him in,
Would its magnetic power finally win?

Desparately trying to keep occupied,
Pushing the thought to the back of his mind,
But despite everything he tried to do,
A voice screamed " go on you know you want to."

Keeping him awake all through the night,
Staring at the ceiling 'till the morning light,
During the day the feeling was worse,
His agitated state was becoming a curse.

Taking up jogging, and walking the dog,
Working extra hours, in his boring job,
Eating for comfort anything in his sight,
His expanding waistline was becoming a fright.

Trying hypnotherapy and nicotine gum,
This addiction he fought had finally won,
One of the hardest things he tried to do,
Giving up smoking - he'll leave it to you.