Saturday, 17 May 2008


Feeling uncomfortable, they stood and stared,
The events of the morning, causing despair,
Woken by the sound of glass being shattered,
Just six month before it had been the same pattern.

Dreading those questions they needed to ask,
For fear that the answer would be the same as the past,
As they gathered together no words were exchanged,
Just fear in their eyes, that it had happened again.

The very same policeman, from months before,
Exits the house, through the aged front door,
Looking bewildered and in complete despair,
He shouts at the crowd: “Why didn‘t you care?”

The lady that had lived there for most of her life,
Had never been a mother or even a wife,
In solitary confinement within her four walls,
She had no one to visit or give her a call.

She had passed away peacefully, within her sleep,
But no one had found her, for quite a few weeks,
The postman had realised something was wrong,
For the pile of letters had been there too long.

Her neighbours felt guilty as they stood in the rain,
Realising that history had repeated again,
Within six months, two people had passed,
Taking weeks for anyone to notice and ask.

They had all been to busy within their own lives,
Some being mothers, husbands and wives,
Never really noticing the old and the weak,
Even though these people were part of the street.

All felt embarrassed by the way they behaved,
That they hadn’t taken notice in this day and age,
It would only have taken a minute or two,
To knock on there door and say: “Can I help you?”

It was little too late for the neighbours to grieve,
They’d turned a blind eye to those in need,
If only they’d bothered to step out of their world,
And realise these people needed some help.


Lyric4Verse said...

Nice write...I hear this in the news.

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey, we must be online at the same time- as you can see by your first comment on your new poem "Alone"

Double "D" said...

Well written Stacey.
Sad but true that our world
has come to this place in time.
Your words create such a clear
picture of deeds not done.

Nefariousoutlook said...

a very excellent point stacey!!

i think in the current world people are so busy ( or atleast pretend to be ) that they fail to do the small things in life...helping out people around is considered as a waste of time...this is a sad state of affairs!! but yes it is true

very well written!!

keep posting :)

Unknown said...

NIce...Orphans die and go away into oblivion..every where this is the case.Especially when the idea of nucleus family has become fashoin.. How sad... Thank you.. this is an eye opener..Stacie. cheers.. kunjubi

Sam!! said...

Very well written Stacey.. with a meaningful inside.. thanks dear :)

Take care

Janice Thomson said...

You've really encapsulated one of the problems of our ever so busy society.
Excellent poem Stacey.

Anonymous said...

clap clap clap clap, that was next mam, people are to caught up in their own the do not consider others, it's only getting worse.

you are a killer with words.

your comment tooooooo funny, again i quote (me) your bound to make me laugh or leave a smile on my face.

one love ;-)

Le Hornet said...

p.s i was signed in, that was stupid im used to not signing in i forgot i was.

what an idiot, again killer poem


polona said...

it is the sad fact that we are becoming more and more alienated. people come and go, you hardly know who your neighbour is let alone check up on them. this could have happened anywhere and has.
well done again, stacey!


I agree to with LeHorn, your choice of words and flowing delivery is dynamite to my eyeballs.

I have a simular story like the one told in your poem. Their is a delirious OAP living a few doors down on my block who knocks on everyone of my neighbour's doors at insane times of the morning (like 4am the other night) and asks questions like 'what time is it' or 'have you seen my denchers' which I reply 'they're in your mouth dear'. She gets ignored by everyone and seems to have no family/friends, if the bitch (pardon me) ever croaked no one would ever know about it. She is the Harold Bishop of the block, who would replace her. Like the saying 'you never know the good until its gone'...even though I don't think my ignorant neighbours would agree.

Excellent poem once again, its made me think as you can see!

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey for your comment on the trucker one, and the other comment I didn't get to yesterday in thanking you for.

Sayani said...

Very touchy and true
a negative side of us was told that human are social creature make me think are we?

Double "D" said...

Stacey, is something wrong with
your email address. Can't get
through, says fatal error.

Red said...

Well written Stacy, a sad state our world is in. I wonder what tomorrow will bring or if I even want to know.

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey, for the comment about the one where the character couldn't deal with a bit of a hurry, but thanks again.

cyclopseven said...

Stacey..this portrays the real called modern world of ours. People hardly greet anyone nowadays (am I to be included in this? Sometimes yes!!:)), what to say of caring for others. Good write buddy. You have got a direct touch of reality in your works.

Raffy Jay said...

We choose what we want to feel. Only if we know how.

ANNA-LYS said...

indeed, my dear Stacey.

The human care
is in despair

(( Love ))

Stacey said...

Thanks Rex, yes unfortunately this seems to be news you hear most of the time nowadays.. ;-)

Doug, the poet spinner thanks you! It's good if one can get words to speak volumes... don't you think? ;-D

Nefarious Outlook, this is very true.. it's the small things we do that can make a big difference to others' lives, thank you. ;-)

Kunjubi, thanks.. I'm glad it's opened your eyes, lets hope it opens other's eyes also :-)

Thank you Samrina, so glad that you appreciated this poem :-)

Janice, yes you're right. The society in this world seem to be too busy to notice the things that really matter. Thank you :¬)

Thank you Mr Hornet, true words - consideration for others doesn't cost a thing.
Glad I put a smile on your face with my comments . . but . . where's my fifth * (star) lol :-)

Thank you Polona. Yes it is very sad, with so many people in the world, no one should be alone... yet some people continue to be alienated :-D

Radical Boulevard, thank you for coming over to me... I'll be popping over to your blog shortly.
Oh that poor lady.. she's probably really lonely.. And what you said about your "ignorant" neighbours: maybe thay should stop and think that anyone could end up like this lady. I'm glad it's got you thinking.. ;-)

You're more than welcome Rex :-D

Sayani, thanks for coming over. We are known as social creatures..but.. for some people it is only applicable, when they're in their own little group ;-D

Hi Doug,think its just the network..the poet spinner will have firm words with Mr internet....(LOL) :-D

Red thank you, and yes it does question what tomorrow brings! :)

Hi Rex...Your welcome :-D

Thanks Cyclopseven, really glad you liked it ;-)

Raffyjay you are very right, we do choose how we want to feel ... thank you for visiting my blog..:¬D

Thank you very much Swenglish Anna-Lys..the poet nerd agrees, that the human care is in despare, and this is such a shame {;-D

Raffy Jay said...

Hello stacey. thank you for spending time with my blog. I appreciate what you said. T.Y.

Aleta said...

It's so easy to get caught up in our own little world that we forget how many lives are out there and how many in need.

Greg is really good at meeting the neighbors. At his home there is a lady in her 80's. For her 80th birthday, we went to her home and wished her a happy birthday. He's offered to help her with things around the house, picking up groceries, etc.

He does that with the neighbors around me as well. It's amazing what happens when you reach out to someone.

Sad, but beautiful poem, knowing that every life is fragile and important...

Eric Valentine said...

Great poem Stacey.

For the want of a word... a life was lost... So sad...

Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Stacey, for your comments-

Stacey said...

Raffy Jay, your very welcome :-)

Thanks Aleta, Greg sounds great!! It's a shame that there are not more people in our world that will take the time to visit others, and offer help and support ;-D

Eric, thank you so much, I am glad that you like it :-D

Rex, your are more than welcome..... ;-D

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted our modern day affairs and way of life nicely through the poignant words...really touching!