Friday, 25 January 2008


A gasp in her breath
Chill in her spine

That anxious feeling
Is over a nine

Her eyes are darting
Body starts to jolt

Those mental rituals
It's hard to cope

The involuntary urges
She has to give in

Her mind control
Always wins

Will people notice
Stop and stare

Or carry on as normal
Hopefully not care


Anonymous said...

well worth reading keep them coming

Anonymous said...

i recognised a lot in this poem about K. Both of the poems that i've commented on have really touched me, i think they're great!

Anonymous said...

Val from Spain.
Here is a person who really understands how some people struggle with everyday life.It made me stop and think.Your poems have a deep meaningful and genuine quality about them.

Anonymous said...

Jean, Anyone who does not understand the meaning of your poem, really has no understanding of the suffering some people have to cope with on a day to day basis. I think it will stop some parents feeling very isolated and lonely. Keep writing

ekhosama said...

U R GR8! I know a family that has to worry about their child, because the child kept leaving home and not coming back. Can u write a poem about war and or islam? just wondering.

Margaret Hall said...

Stacey, within these lines is a true and factual account of how many feel and react. You have captured it well...