Friday, 25 January 2008

Little soldier

Angry and shouting,
Challening moods

Frustrated feelings
Come out the blue.

Where can he look?
How can he hide?

People around him
There's too much noise.

He grabs my hand tighter
With fear in his eyes,

But can't explain
The reasons why,

"I want to go home"
He pleads and he cries,

A daily routine
In this poor boy's life.


Anonymous said...

This is a great poem!

Anonymous said...

I expect that outsiders just think he is naughty because they have no understanding of what chaos he must be going through on a daily basis.Sadly, people don't take the time to understand, it is easier to judge instead.

Margie said...

Wonderfully expressed!


ekhosama said...

Wow, some of ur poems just seem regular until the end and they just go cablooey! cool poem, even Bigfoot would love to read it.