Friday, 1 February 2008

The Look

Walking past the jewellery shop
She grabs his hand and makes him stop

Pointing towards the sparkling ring
She asks him what he truly thinks

At first glance he thinks it's nice
But then he sees the frightful price

“Oh my god” he starts to say
His body trembles and starts to sway

She looks at him with pleading eyes
And gives the sweetest, biggest smile

And with that he writes the cheque
A bead of sweat runs down his neck

Once again she's got him hooked
It only has to take that look

It happens every single time
Just one smile and he can't decline


Anonymous said...

A very good poem for Valentine's day. Ha!

Le Hornet said...

how do women do it, you make me want to understand them more and more, teach me... peace.

Stacey said...

(lol) Le Hornet,
That is the big question....
If I tell you, you would be able to bottle it and sell it,and become a millionaire! (lol) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good post.