Sunday, 6 July 2008

"What?.......You don't use metaphors?.."

Casting aspersions, on your name,
Follow the rules or don’t play the game,
Spend years revising and taking notes,
Make sure you’re serious, or you’re just a joke.

Speak the language, to get in their books,
If you don’t, there’s no chance of a look,
Just one foot forward in the right direction,
First hurdle jumped to get their affection.

Metaphors to be used, similes are a must,
Dare to omit them, you’ve lost their trust,
Using words that the reader won’t understand,
Except when they have a dictionary in hand.

Don’t use too many commas, dashes and dots ,
That’s an insult and will cause them to strop,
And as for syllables, don’t cut them short,
Then again, too many will be your own fault.

Never use simple wording, this just wont do,
Exaggerated context is much better for you.
After all don’t you want to fit into the theme?
If not, then you can’t be part of their team.

Whatever subject that comes to your mind,
Make sure its what they like, or leave it behind,
All this is needed to be accepted in the gang,
Dare to ignore it, you’re out with a bang.

‘’Poetry should always be written this way,
No exceptions to be made’’ most critics do say,
If you choose not to follow the rules to the tee,
Then you’re never be taken at all seriously.

These poetic commandments need to be changed,
Despite opposition from a wide range,
A true poet should have an individual mind,
Be completely different, be one of a kind.

When the ink hits paper any poet will know,
Exactly which way it wants it to flow,
Not bowing down to the laws of convention,
You’re being unique, with your poetical invention.


Double "D" said...

Give em Hell Stacey,
Your my hero!
I can hardly wait to hear
what certain commenters
will say. Stick to your guns
and write what you like,
that's what makes you Stacey.

Sayani said...

hey thats the perfect outlook ..
u are true
do expression require any words at all?

insightful post

Dan said...

Here, Here, Miss Stacey! Too much conformity at the expense of originality is not progress at all.

polona said...

rules are there to be broken, right? ;)
enjoyed this insightful poem

goatman said...

Or as Bob Dylan once said in song: "twenty years of schooling and they putcha on the dayshift."

I am always surprised when others think they have the right to criticize the poetry of another (to me it's heartfelt stuff that comes out as it comes out, thats what you get like it or nay.) Now prose, that can be a different story and is fair game in my book.

Nice job on this one.

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it beautifully...its true poetry is all about freedom of expression and creating that magic in words...they should be unique to make the reader at least think for a moment or compel the reader to re-read the lines once again...lovely writing from you!

Janice Thomson said...

Hear Hear! Love it Stacey. Wise words for a poet to live by.

ozymandiaz said...

I am often usure of the direction of ink, guess that says something, no?

Lyric4Verse said...

Stacey, I really like this hit you've made against these kind of people- the "professional poets" as they fancy themselves.

I've run across them too...

To me they represent what happens if you leave a bull in a field overnight- and come next morning you'll find that the bull has left something behind- that stuff which you don't want to get on the bottom of your shoe.

It's not only what their so-called "professional poetry" is- it's also what they're full of...and you can tell them I said that too.

Unknown said...

Stacey.... This reminds me of the good old school days when u were reprimanded for making mistakes and not conforming to rules. We are outgrown from such a stage; but it still helps, though we do not adhere to any restrictions. It was a beacon once. Nicely brought up with all its merits and demerits.. You are great as ever... cheers kunubi..
( i missed your sweet chanting for a month i believe. sorry)

rch said...

What's the point of writing if you don't write what you want? Great one Stacey!

Le Hornet said...

cyber clap... that poem.

dude-ete that was cold, all lines were deep no exception. still i'll be coming through to your page more frequent.

in fact your the main page that i check. one love


K.C. said...

Oh, yesssss.... that's the way to stick it to them alllll!

I love that.. I was trying to write Yeah, yeah.. You know in that tone that sounded all tough.. but...

1. I'm not really all that tough
2. I just can't figure out how to spell it (proving I'm not all that tough.)

This was a so true. The really great "ones" don't stick to any form or rhyme or reason.. That is what makes them great... In any genre or walk of life..

Great one again! I was hoping so much to pop in and you have something new! Hippee for me! Kayce

Margie said...

Hi Stacey
I did very much enjoy this poem!
Good job!

Nice to be here again!
I've been so busy!

Heading up to Nova Scotia next week for a 2 week stay.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer.


Aleta said...

If they want only the rules to be followed, then have a computer write the poem, rather than from the spirit of an individual.

I think rules and regs are good to learn, but not to be lived by. Life isn't like that, so why should poetry be any different?

Enjoyed! And wholeheartedly agree!

Nefariousoutlook said...

conformity leading to the death of creativity dangerous..

am reading your blog after a long time ...nice to see that you havent lost your touch ..keep it up :)

K.C. said...

Yes, I am doing what I can to end the saga with the toothpaste and my husband...

I am thinking of leaving a note for him next to the tube...

Any suggestions???? :)


Stacey said...

Hi *wave* to you all

Doug :-D
Sayani ;)
Dan :-)
Polona ;-D
Goatman :-)
Kalyan ;-D
Janice :-)
Ozy :¬D
Rex ;¬)
Kunjubi :)
Bob ;-)
Le Hornet :-D
Kayce :¬D
Margie :D
Aleta ;-)
Nefarious Outlook :-D
Kayce ;-D

Sorry I have been late in replying to all your wonderful comments, thank you all so much. Your comments are really appreciated....
:-D Stacey

Mark Elliot said...

Wow! You were right, we speak in agreement. What is creativity without creativity? Some call it poetry.

Stacey said...

We do indeed ;D
I find the best way to deal with those that give a fleeting glance at our kind of poetry, and then INSIST we are NOT poets, is to come right back at them, in a humourous way..... that probably even makes them laugh ;D

Dayna von Dyke said...


Patrick said...

Hi Stacey. Finally I get a breather this week-end. All that matters is that you write with conviction; and that is what you do! That's what Anne Bradstreet did.

If I get around to writing another round-up of rhyme & meter, I'll include your poem again.

Curious that there would be "professional poets" telling you to use metaphor and simile. They're in the minority. Most poets use very little of either nowadays.

Stacey said...

Thank you, I have left a reply to your other comments on my blog, but am still unable to get onto your blog...but I will keep trying ;D

Stacey said...

Hi Patrick,
Thank you so much for coming over and for your comments :D

Its strange but true, that there are still "professional poets" exspecting us to use metaphor and my opinion, they are still with the old school ;D

And thank you, it would be great if you did post my poem. :)

Anonymous said...
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Risia said...

poem comes from our heart and mind.....just do it have that-)